AE 2012 Setups (safe jump kicks)

Alright, here is the second part of hakan collections that i have from my hakan bible.
contains all the data collected from this forum and others, plus tips and whatever info gathered :slight_smile:

So far the 2012 hakan is the best version, but dont know if he’ll be nerfed or what.
So This IS the year of Oil! now or never!

To make sure everyone is on the same page here are the brief concept for these setups.

Safe Jump
In general, every character in SS4 can perform safe jumps.

what Safe Jump means is that if you time your jump in (with a hp/hk or punch/kick) on opponents waking up from a hard knock down (where opponents can not quick get up), you are SAFE from all options your opponent can possibly do. See below.

Say opponent wakes up and do:
stand = block or get hit
crouch = get hit
jump = get hit
throw = get hit
dash forward = get hit
dash back = sometimes can b.dash out but since you are on offence you can OS to punish this.
4f+ reversal invincible/Anti-Air moves = your jump in move comes out (whiffed) and you are able to block in time.

A common setup for most characters is to perform a hard knockdown, and then walk back a little and then jump in with hp/hk (or other punch/kick).

Note Golden rule of knowledge is that 3f reversal (eg Ryu’s dp) CANNOT BE SAFE JUMPED, in general.
There are rare cases that some specific characters have setups that will defy this hence all these arguments about safe jumping a 3f dp. But officially according to frame data (jumping and landing), in general you cannot “safe jump” into a 3f dp, as you’ll get hit.
Knowledgewise, these special cases revolved around a ‘long ranged’ safe jump, usually at max distance. So anyone that says out loud that you can safe jump 3f dp is just an ignorant troll if they don’t give further explanations.
For Hakan’s sake, up till today the community has only ever found 1 setup that will safe jump Ryus 3f dp and its not a common situation or setup that one be.

Safe jump kicks (Safe j.kicks)
The reason that I’ve developed a new name for this because this is only HAKAN SPECIFIC. so its not fair to categorise it to the generic “Safe Jump” section. Some ppl call it Hakan Cross-up kick because of its potential to cross-up.

What this does is that your performed Jump-kick (usually hk) will be safe and sometimes BEATS anti air reversals (even 3f), PLUS the possible element of cross-up on block.

Some characters has very difficult timing on the setup making this not applicable to ALL cast, but very useful against the generic medium size characters (60%+ characters), ESPECIALLY SHOOTOS group with 3f or 4f dps! See below for list of advantages to this setup.

Opponent wakes up from a hardknock down and do:
stands = block or get hit, also chance of crossup from hakan!
crouch = get hit, slight possibility for some to
jump = get hit
throw = get hit
dash forward = get hit, slight possibility for some to
dash back = get hit, slight possibility for some to
3f+ anti-air reversals = get hit, or dp whiff depends on strength
(if the anti-air whiff, hakan can usually react to punish accordingly)

Since the results of this setup varies depending on characters, hakans have come up with setups for specific group of characters to make this consistence, eg whiffing a for some setup after a slide-press etc. = forward jump hard kick.
f. = forward b. = backward n. = neutral
s. = stand c. = crouch

Hakan Safe Jump

[ (corner) f.throw > > ]
-SAFE to 4f+ dp

[ Slide-Press > Walk back/forward tiny > ]
[ Slide-Press > walk back tiny > n.j.hp ]*
ALL CAST, but good on irregular characters:
Honda / ibuki / makoto / Chun / Sim / Sagat / Cammy /
Dj / Cody / Guy / Yang / Yun / Blanka / Elf / Claw / Adon
-honda & zangeif & T.Hawk = can also do instead of walk back, good results*
-possible anti 3f, depending on the walk back distance/timing

[ hp/ex.rocket > walk forward tiny > ]
standard character but result varies, good for 5f+ dps.
-instead of walk forward tiny, can do c.lp for hp.rocket and some characters.

[ mp.rocket > f.dash > j.hp ]
character dependent, might need few frames of delay before jump.
Otherwise use it as an empty jump, good for 3f dps bait.
-can use or, but j.hp is prolly best due to hitbox position

[ Slide-only > walk back tiny > ]
-can replace walk back with s.lp, but depends on characters.

3f/4f possibe
works for all other cast with standard get up time, still good.

[next to opponent] [ > hp.slide-only > ]

[ Dive > s.hp > n.j.hp ]
-might need a tiny tiny delay between the s.hp and jump punch

[ oiled lp.rocket > f.dash > walk forward tiny tiny > f.j.hp ]

[ oiled mp.rocket > f.dash > f.j.hp ]

5f fel long
[ (corner) lp.rocket > > f.j.hp ]
-whiff/block/hits all!
-only loses to wake up u1 wtf…

vs C.viper
[ (corner) lp.rocket > s.hp > f.j.hp (+OS ]
-hits her standing and crouching
-ALL dp / burning kick / seismo whiff / blocked/ stuffed :slight_smile:
-only her U1 hits… wtf…
-OS is so good here!!! as it’ll still block/whiff her specials, and add the element to hit her ex.seismo and lp.thunder knuckle

Hakan Safe Jump Kicks

[ U1 > lp.slide > ]
standard characters

[ Slide-Press > walk forward a tiny > ]
irregulars, Cammy & ibuki
-Jap special
-so farkin hard to make it consistent!

[ Slide-Press > > ]
Standard characters - shootos / dictator / juri / gen / YANG / Rose
/ Dudly / gouken / guile / sakura
-Yangs EX.dp will trade
-sakura requires extreme good timing

**[ Slide-Press > > ] **
make sure you whiff completely before jumping

[ Slide-Press > > (not too late) ]
Sagat / T-Hawk / Claw
-they can dp after blocking, so becareful of your option after they block

[ Slide-press > s.lp > ]
Sakura / Rufus / Dudley / Gouken / boxer / Fei?
-Guile need extra tiny tiny step before jump

[ Slide-press > > ]

*[ Slide-Press > > ] **
cody/ juri/ Guy

-Guys ex.tetsu whiffs!

[ Slide-Press > f.dash > ]
-when oiled please delay tiny tiny bit before
-loses to u1 and u2
-OS dive/slide to catch teleport

[ Dive > f.jump > ]
-loses to u1 and u2
-OS dive/slide to catch teleport

[ Dive > dash forward > dash back > j.HK ]*
-CROSS-UP hk for some character!
-works on standard characters very well
-Unblockable possibility on Boxer/Guy/Juri/ELF*

[ Dive > f.dash > > ]*
standard characters
-unblockable potential on Cody*

[ DIVE > > > ]
[ Dive > > > ]
[ Dive > > ]*
-Standard group

[ dive > > > ]
standard characters better
-works Mid-screen
-not easy for consistence

Corner specials
[corner] [ hp.rocket > walk back tiny > ]
-front or back ambiguous

**[corner] **[ hp.rocket > > ]
-cross up kick
-opponent can possible walk forward to whiff kick.

**[corner] **[ lp.rocket / f.throw / Super > f.dash x2 / lp.slide > ]
-dry always cross up, oiled is possible hitting front ambiguous

[corner] [ Slide-b.FDC > f.dash > ]
-cross up

:nunchuck: Bonus:nunchuck:

Setups After SUPER
[ x2 > ]
[ s.lp > jump-over > mk.dive ]
[ f.dash > jump-over > lk.dive ]
[ x2 > mp.slide ] -safe slide
[ f.dash > mp.slide whiff > all.rocket ]

instant Overhead
** good for last life finish move**
[Seth] slide/press > c.hp >
[seth] slide/press > guard position > jump.forward.HK straight away



here is a recent video that shows the Japanese technology of Jump-kicks vs CAMMY.

jump to18m for hakan matchs.
18"24 for vs CAMMY
21"30 noting attempt safe jump kick [dive to corner > lp.slide > ] on bison and reaction punish.


Nice stuff here, you could add this safe jump in your list for everyone, I posted few days ago but I think that nobody see it. Credits for my friend Bruno Rocha
Really usefull safejump:


Yeah don’t worry I noticed that, I assume it works oiled too? Really good!

thanks, added to the list.
great find!

i think there should be some setup for cross-up or safe jump kick after air-throw.
Anyone has any?

Hey there! I was in the lab looking for a safe jump after air throw and this is what I was able to come up with-

AIRTHROW> tap walk two pixels forward >fj. crossup mk

If you try to do two quick taps you end up dashing, so make sure to add a slight delay after the first one
This crosses up crouching Ryu and avoids his SRK. It isn’t meaty however, which can sometimes be a good thing to adjust the pacing of the match and throw them off their wakeup game.

I am not sure how reliable this is though, if anyone knows a way to set this up conventionally in training mode please let me know, because I had to use Ryu as the training dummy, because there’s no way to record Hakan’s air grab and subsequent followups without just wiffing his air grab, and eyeballing the mixup after.