AE 2012 Safe Slides

I was going to spend more time on this since beginning of the year… but lifes been busy so i’ve decided to just put it out there.
This would be my last collection of the Hakan Setup series. Again these are infos that has been collected from and any other i’ve come across and or find out.
So credits goes out to all Hakan users that contributed to the community ever :slight_smile:

Safe Slide
A safe slide is where you slide an opponent, and if they block it, you are at either in a neutral or advantage frame position to their normals/throws/most reversals.

So basically the slides are performed where the point of contact hits close to the finishing active frame of the slide, hence minimize the recovery, and some even can block a 3f dp or 1f super.

A good standard safe slide puts Hakan in frame advantage, so when opponent blocks the slide, Hakan can perform throw/rocket/u1 and grabs them, even if they mesh fastest throw or normal moves or sits there after blocking the slide.

Its also sometimes referred as ‘Meaty slide’.

Slide property:
Some of the data for this havent been released officially and had been solely depended on experiences and human testing. hences imo a lot of these setups may have around a 30% inconsistency for 3f & 4f reversals. But in general if you spend time with your setup (PSN/PC/XBOB + TV), and you grow accustom to its timing then it’ll be close to perfect :slight_smile:

lp.slide = 9f startup, impacts early [46f total from start to whiff]
mp/hp.slide = 14f startup, impacts few frames later than lp. [52f total from start to whiff]
ex.slide = 14f startup, 1-5f invincible to hits, 1-50f invincible to projectile, additional button pressing extends the reach of the slide but can not cancel to focus. [52f total from start to whiff]
*collection says mp & hp slide has same startup and impact property but in my experiences it still differ a little. who knows aye.

Hakan Safe Slide

Good for most cast with standard wake up timing:
Shootos / Claw / Sagat / Abel / Rufus / Seth / Rose / Fei / Gen / Makoto / T.Hawk

Most reliable setups, some are able to block 3f (Ryu) reversals, especially the ones with (+) at the end:

***[ Slide-press > f.dash > hp slide ]

***[ Hp rocket > f.dash > hp.slide ] (+1)

***[ Hp/ex rocket > > hp.slide ]
-i’ve been using walk forward a little tiny instead of

***[ Hp rocket > > lp slide ] (+3)

***[ Lp rocket > f.dash x2 > lp.slide ]

***[ Dive > n.jump > mp.slide ] (+3)

***[ Dive > lp.slide/c.hp > mp slide (+3) ]

***[ Dive > x2 > hp slide ] (+1)
-can mix up with for safe 3f dp whiff bait

**(Corner) mp.rocket > b.dash > mp.slide

*[ slide-press > b.dash > LP slide ]
-rocket after lp.slide may lose to throw, character depended.
-use normal throw
-good for mix up after b.dash options.

Other notable setup:

Slide-press > > slightly tiny delayed HP slide

c.HK > s.lp > lp slide (+3)!!

Oiled > s.lp > hp slide (+3)

Oiled > > lp slide

Hp rocket > s.lp > mp slide (+3)

Ex rocket > > mp slide (+3)

Mp rocket > > hp slide

Lp rocket > > mp slide

Lp slide > > hp slide

Dive > dash x2 > mp slide

Super > c.hp/dashx2 > lp slide (dp safe)

(dry or oil) b.throw > tap forward once > HP slide (mid screen)

(dry or oil) f.throw > c.MK > HP slide (even in corner)

*f.throw > Throw wiff > hp slide (+3)

*Air grab > > lp slide (+3)

Note technically speaking if you know your space and timing you can opt to walk forward/backward a tiny - a little step instead of whiffing moves to time.
Something good to utilise if your opponent is intuitively prepared when you whiff stuff, this will throw them off guard :slight_smile:
i find the most compatible ones with this are the setups with lp/lk moves.



Hey Yakult, do the slides which are +3 allow you to go into oiled cr.short, on block? Without getting jabbed or thrown? I’ve found some slides allow you to do it, but not sure how it works

Hai guys whats going on here?

No, really: What’s going on? I’m starting my hardcore Hakan training this week in prep for the next Season’s Beatings (which is just down the road from me).

I need to bring the thunder. HELP ME BRING THE THUNDER.

tbh i never used s.lp or c.lp after slide but instead late ( in a way) which imo IS the best option if you are not gambling for rockets/dives.

Now that you mentioned i did remember this, and yes its works on the same ‘standard’ characters (get up timing rather than size for these setups).
i think it poses some frame trap element as well :slight_smile:

definitely abusive on dhalsim on a quick thought… lol

s.lp/ are all 4f start ups.
normal throw & rockets are all 3f start up.

need lab results guys!

How do you practice this in the training room , and how do you know that you got the timing on the slides right ?

set your dummy to hakan and record setup.
use a 5f dp character first and then once you get the hang of it, you can start trying it on Ryu to test the better setup/timings.