Advice on which character I should switch to

I’ve been practicing and practicing with Cody, but no matter what, I can’t seem to get him.
There’s a lot about him I love, like his strong normals and easy combos, but I can’t get into the mindset of him.
So, I come to you fine folks for advice about who I should attempt to pick up next.
Some info about how I play:
-I love using my normals. I really don’t use my special moves all the time, just when the moment calls for it.
-I’m fairly good at FADC’ing, but I can’t do it into a Super/Ultra to save my life.
-I don’t have extremely fast reactions, so I need to be the one setting the tone of the match.
-I crack under pressure, my main reason for quitting Cody.
-Charge characters aren’t my best bet because I wind up turtling and then cracking under the pressure.

Any ideas who’d be a good fit for me?

This is the best thread to read when looking for character selection advice:


If you crack under pressure using Cody…you’ll most likely do the same to whatever character you play as.

Sounds like your best bet is going to be Dhalsim. Inexperience playing the game will hinder you no matter which character but with Sim he has only a few basic special motions. The hardest special is probably an instant air teleport. The best part about playing Sim is that you will be forced to learn to defend and not crack under pressure. Any time spent playing Sim will be valuable for any future character because he exemplifies zoning.