Advice on living in NYC Manhattan

Hi all.

I hope there are someone from NYC that can help me out with this one.

I’ve been offered a job in NYC and am trying to get some sort of an overview.

I’m going there with my wife and hopefully she will also get a job there,
but in the beginning we will have to live off of what I would make.

Rent is crazy compared to Denmark. Around 2300 USD for a 1 bedroom.

Anyways we are working on a detailed budget, but what do you think
I would be required to earn(NET Pay) on a monthly basis so we
can live decently?

Thanks to anyone who can give advice.

if you’re living in nyc, you better be making at least 100k, and even then you’re eating ramen for life haha. you’re better off in queens or suburbs.

Congrats and good luck.

You can surely find cheaper places for rent outside of Manhattan, though?..

you can find 1bedroom apt around brooklyn bridge for 800-1500 easy. that would be smarter than paying ridiculous amount of money to live in manhattan. live 15 minutes away from manhattan and pay half the rent. and forget about driving…gas and parking(main problem) will rape your wallet.

either way you need to make at least 100k to live “decently” here. what kind of job offer you got?

Apartments are cheaper (than lower manhattan) in upper manhattan. But they’re still pretty damn expensive. Plus chances are you won’t get heat in the winter, hot water will be a luxury, you’ll live the hood life and you’ll get harrased by assholes at the nypd. New York City sucks ass.

You’re better off living in queens.

The offer is above 100k but not much. Doesn’t sound like worth it if we have to live like dogs in manhattan.

Of course when my wife gets a job over there it would certainly help.

The office is near chinatown and lower east so living close would of course be nice
but not a must.

I’m aware of the ridiculous rent prices downtown and perhaps it’s too stupid to
live there. However if I’m moving over there for a year or two I want this
to be a great experience if I have to give up my current comfortable situation in Denmark.

I would be leaving a lot in denmark but NY is very tempting.
There is a lot to think about!

Thanks for all the input. More is very welcome

NYC is a great place if you have $$$.

Don’t worry about gas. They complain about the price but its no where near europe prices. Right now in england it works out to 7 or 8 dollars for a gallon. Give it a try though. Worst case you have another story to tell about the time you lived in NY. You can always go back to denmark if it doesn’t work out. I’ve been living in england for the last 7 months. Going home (canada) at the end of june. Can’t wait to go home but it’s been a great exprience out here.

True about gaz prices. It’s around 8 dollars as well per gallon in Denmark plus I have no plans
on getting a car over there.

you could live in brooklyn also like snaaake said. he’s right on the money.

I live in a pretty good area, so does Snaaaake. my base salry is 47K, i have a roomate and i only pay $1200 for rent in a two bedroom with utilities included so im doing good. once you and your wife decide on location then u can really plan it out

Id go with downtown brooklyn, my boss has a 1 bedroom apt with his wife on lafayette street and he pays 1800. great area but the rent is steep

if you make the move make sure you holla at me. i’m always down to throw a welcome to NYC party sir. lol

Yup just what I was gonna say
your much better off just living in brooklyn and traveling to manhattan and seeing how ur job is near LES, you should be straight

If you’re gonna be working in Chinatown/LES area definitely try to move into Brooklyn right off the bridges. It’s not that bad over here (I live right by the Manhattan Bridge), access to supermarkets and starbucks and there’s the Fulton shopping district and Juniors for all your cheesecake needs even though their cheesecake is not the best anymore.

If it’s over 100k you could most likely move into somewhere in Dumbo or Vinegar Hill.

I couldn’t stand NYC anymore. It was too cold for me during the winter, cost of living got too high, parking was impossible, etc. So I packed up and moved to Miami. Its cool to go for a year or two if you want to try something out, but you will probably get sick of it. NYC is super overrated, and only for the rich. At the same time, you said you’d be making 100k a year, with your wifes assist you may live somewhat decently, but nothing fancy.

If you like fighters though you could always go to the Chinatown fair and probably get your ass handed to you by one of the east coast’s finest. And the halal stand near radio city has the best food you can get in NYC for 6 bucks.

Manhattan south of 110th St = $100K Take Home income peoples Only!! Queens or just off of Downtown Brooklyn will be OK. Above 145th St is actually not too bad but you best know Spanish. In Washington Heights it’s possible to get by your whole life without -ONE- word of English.

Stay the fuck away from Bed-Stuy, East New York in Brooklyn and, anywhere in the Bronx that the 2 and 5 trains stop by between 149th St. Grand Concourse and E 180th.

And as for Staten Island, the commute sucks horse balls. Nothing is wrong with that area but still… it oughta be it’s own state, it’s obvious neither NY or NJ wants it, NY is just stuck with it.

I say this having lived in Washington Heights from Oct 86 to Jan 04 (then I joined the Army). Every leave I’ve taken I’ve gone back to see my peeps in NYC.

Thank you all for the answers so far. I will seriously consider brooklyn!

For those of you who replied that if I would earn a bit more than 100k per year
where you aware that this was covering both me and my wife?

what he said and who the fuck drives in ny anyway?

invest in a metro card and call it a day. you’ll be fine. i dunno how you live where you are but you’ll be ok with that kind of money…unless you’re expecting too much.

just try queens (or brooklyn) and ride the train to work. FK driving in manhattan for many, many reasons.

It’s actually quite warmer in NYC now. Our winters have gotten far milder, a good portion of January was in the 50s and 60s, straight up balmy spring weather in the middle of fucking winter.

Anyway, realize that even in the outer boroughs you pay a lot more for rent and location of where you are, buses suck in every borough except Staten Island so do NOT fall for the gimmicks of “Close to bus” or “Take the bus to the train”, that’s wack.

Learn and love walking places. I walk almost fucking everywhere. It’s one train stop from my place in Brooklyn to CF, and I don’t feel like paying $2 to take a 4 minute train ride so I fucking get off my lazy ass and walk the 30 minutes. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is pretty cool.

And when you DO get here be sure to let us all know in the Chinatown Fair thread!

You can find decent housing at LOW prices if you know where to look and you’re at the right place at the right time. It’s very hard to get on your feet here and find something nice that you can afford, true. But nothing worth having in this world is free so what the hell do you expect. NYC is by far one of the best cities in this country, if you have the will, you have the way, and you can make it here. Don’t waste your time worrying about anything, just be smart about it and you will do fine.

You make this sound so simple and for people in certain situations I would agree.

In my situation this is an offer. Sure I would love to go but I also have
to consider many other things!

One example is that I currently own my own apartment in Demark and it’s not just
that simple to rent out and then claim it back once I return. There are many laws
protecting the tenants in my country!

Also if I own property it seems like I have to keep on paying taxes in Denmark as well
for the first 6 years I’m away.

I could of course sell it, but market prices right now would probably mean that
I could loose a lot in potential income if I execute this fast instead of waiting 3 to 5 years.

This is just one for the things I need to consider carefully.

If I knew that I would live really well on 100k I would probably just sell my apartment in denmark,
but if 100k means that my living standarts would be reduced considerably compared to
denmark then I just don’t know.

Maybe my perspective on life is too old fashioned or maybe I’m wrong
but I’ll take all the input I can get if I’m gambling with what
I would consider a lot of money on a 3-5 year basis.

Thanks for all your answers once again.