Advice for New Chun

im new to chun and somewhat sf4 since i havent played in half a year what are some helpful tips/suggestions? what also are good anti air options, i cant really find any other than s.hp

start by getting her bnbs down again. also standing medium kick or standing hard kick or ex spining bird for anti air

after you mastered the bnb’s and anti airs look at some top chuns like nemo nuki haneyama y24 and OHT

i can do my bnbs every single time all of them i watch good chuns. only anti airs that work whatsoever is ex sbk and i only charge it on wakeup… jumping straight up roundhouse is the only thing that works decently.

read the stickied compendium, it has alot of answers there in one convenient spot. also there is a stickied q&a thread here for questions such as the one you posed.


So yeah ive been using cr short cr short ex legs as my bnb and when i have no bars i use cr jabx3 st jabx1 st fierce is that good for agressive combos? also my mixup is basically combo, grab, crossup, bait reversal, meaty hasan-shu, or just meaty kikoken and run away

We aren’t sure where you are in development, It would be better if we could see a match of you or you could just ask questions. We’re probably thinking you’re a scrub from what you said in your post no offense.

If you can anticipate a jump-in, her jump up HK has fantastic range and priority. You can meet them in the air and spoil their jump in attempt with it, or you can meet them on the ground and even cancel into EX lightning legs.

From the ground, however, s.HP, s.HK and EX SBK are really your only options.