Advice for finishing MvC3 Team of (Magneto/Wesker)

I just got it back. I’m more of an MK player, but I’ve played SF and MvC casually in the past. As I get better in MK and started going to some local events I want to really get competitive in SSFIV and MvC. For AE I’m bringing back the 3 characters I used to use in the past, but for MvC3 since I only played it for about a week I’m not too familiar with. I really like Magneto and I find he works very well with Wesker, but what’s a good third to complement them?

sentinel drones or akuma tatsu

give TaskMaster a shot.

I’d go with either the drones or that tatsu, as these assists help Mags and Wesker get in. TM’s shot kind of helps out, but the drones and tatsu are on the screen longer locking your opponent down for a longer period of time. I’ve played around with a similar team and used Akuma’s tatsu, so I would go with that one if I were you.

Dante, sent or akuma.

I feel the urge to recommend Hulk. Especially since Magneto and Wesker build up a ton of meter. Most people just won’t like his style, though. And Hulk REALLY needs to work to move in.

Akuma Tatsu is probably the best one because of the pressure and footsies you can play with it. Honorable mentions go to Sent drones, task arrows, doom beam / missles, and tron for more of a zoning game with the disrupter / gun. Also, chun’s kicks are really good for pressure, and Iron man beam can be useful for opening up players.

edit: Shuma’s beam is really good too.