Advice for a joystick newbie

Fellow fighters,

I decided to buy a HRAP 3 SA because it was $74 Brand new and have been playing fighters since I was a wee turtle

After using it for a week, I am doing ok – able to at least reach Gil in 3rd strike on normal or Bison in SFA3. I wouldn’t dare go online yet!

But when I tried to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Blazblue I am having a hard time dashing. in MvC2 I can try PP to dash but not so in Blazblue.

I’ve heard that some members use a HAPP joystick for this very reason.

Also, I notice there to be a bit of a deadzone on the sanwa joystick. It is small but it is there. Is this normal or is there a problem?


It’s normal, i think the JLF has the biggest deadzone of jap sticks, look up in youtube for the ultimate JLf mod and try it out, also with it more time to adapt, it is not easy believe me, takes up some time to adapt a jap stick

You are having execution problems. The solution to execution problems is to practice.

Starcade I know that I will need more practice but I my hands hurt when I try to dash all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:

sir arthur, thanks for the tip. Can’t wait to place a sharpie cap on the actuator and add another spring.


Seriously, don’t butcher your stick with sharpie caps, home depot springs, duct tape, or whatever else people have come up with because they don’t want to practice. Stock Sanwa parts are the arcade standard not because you need to do a bunch of ghetto shit to them for them to work well; they are awesome right out of the box.

Go to training mode. Practice.

Also, a lot of people use 2 x punch and a direction to dash in marvel. It’s generally considered to be faster than double tapping anyway.

Thanks again
I guess the thing is that I still have to double tap the stick to dash in blazblue, etc.

Instead of buying another joystick and possibly even buying the wrong one a small mod I can do right now is intriguing

Don’t mod sanwa parts. It’s like moving into a Frank Lloyd Wright design and deciding you can do better.

You may want to try different stick grips though, that can make a HUGE difference.

where did you get it for $74?

You see 'em on ebay ending at that price every once in a great while.

Nah son… thats not the reason they use happ stick…
Its for the use of unflys , triangle jumps etc… not to dash

I think your problem is you want the stick to work for you… now you gotta gotta work with the stick or work for it, period…

Sanwa is more freedom… you dont have a stick doing it all for you… Your in control now take advantage

ok so I tried the mods but I didn’t like them.
Oh well I guess I’ll need to roll up my sleeves and get my butt kicked by my sparring buddy

And I got some inside knowledge on how the sticks work – damn this thing will be easy to mod or fix

I got it from lightning deal w/ free shipping for $74.
I think they had like 3 cos when I bought mine 30 secs after the deal went live it was sold out!

Don’t make a thread asking for advice if you aren’t gonna listen to people here.

Almost all mods to Sanwa joysticks pretty much suck and just ruin the perfection of the JLF stick.

My advice for you would be to read the “Noob read here” thread stickied up top and to use the search function after that. You aren’t ready to ask questions yet, when you feel like listening to people’s advice then feel free to make a thread and ask a question.

Don’t mod sanwas just learn to do stuff. It will screw you over when you go to arcades dependent on a stick with a stupid gimmick.

Ok I have an opportunity to go for the fatality but I won’t…

Please read sir_arthur 's advice in which he tells me to take a look at the mods on youtube.

I didn’t read the rest of your post because I won’t afford you what you do not give.

Now on my own I am in agreement with the rest who said it is not worth the trouble.
I’ll probably make my own happ and see what I think

Oh one more thing: [media=youtube]C-gmdPgJeo8&feature=related"[/media]

Is that video of you? A spoiled little retard who always seems to get lost on christmas? I wish more retards would get lost instead of finding there way here onto the SRK tech forums and asking the same stupid assed questions about how to use their new TE sticks instead of searching and not wasting everyone’s time.

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I think you need some anger management.

This thread is a disaster – request to close

Closing as requested by the OP.