Advice, add a slant to my new custom or no?

Hi everyone,

I want to build a new 2 player stick for me and my son. He loves the SF IV vids I keep showing him. So I wanted to see what the consensus is on adding a slant or slope to custom sticks because I dont see many people add them these days. Is it better to play flat?

BTW, this will be a have 2 360 PCBs and be wireless so I have a lot of work to do. I am also taking the leap from Happ to Japanese parts. RIght now I am leaning towards a modded Sanwa but the Seimitsu with Octo plate has caught my attention…

It’s all personal preference, really. It could even depend on how you play. If I have a stick in my lap, I would prefer it flat. On the other hand, if it is sitting on the floor in front of me, I like the slant.

If you are anything like me, you will want to burn anything with the name Happ on it after getting used to Japanese parts.

being its gonna be a 2player stick id go with a slant… gives it more of that “arcade” feel

plus I dont know how old he is but if hes small, a slant would prob be easier for him to use.

only time i omit the slant is if it’s a super slim case or if the customer prefers it that way.

if you played sitting on the floor with a single player stick in front of you or on a table thats a tad lower than ideal for playing height, then a stick without a slant would be ideal

Slant it is, most of the 2 player plans out there call for it anyway. The only thing I will have to adjust for is the thickness being I am going Sanwa most likely.

Well, most of the time if it’s flat on lap/floor/ even a table, it’s more comfortable flat. However, a slant would help if it’s a table thats more chest height (Slanted on the floor really hurts). But I might as well as ask this question here, have any of you found a good solution to having your stick on a arcade level height? Where your back can be straight and in a truly comfortable position? I don’t know about you guys, but playing on the floor, lap or even table hurts my back after a while. But if you notice like in Japanese cabs, they allow the player to sit down, and play with their backs straight and not have to lean over like a coffee table would make you. Even the American T5DR Table has two matching stools that allow you to sit at the proper height and a comfortable playing position. Any suggestions? This might aid you as well Jhferry, you don’t want your kids back to hurt after playing.

Sucks for us tall guys cause no matter what your hands will hurt while playing at an arcade cab.

When I play I try to keep my back as straight as possible and I let my chest be over my stick so that I won’t have back pain after playing for a while. This position also allows my hands to rest on the stick comfortably.