ADVANCED strats and tactics for nakoruru and mamahaha discussion

ok first of all this is advanced tactics for nako, so please if you are just picking her up, dont ask how to do moves in this thread. im assuming most people will be familiar with nako-chan from starters.

herein, moves that will be listed(:o to make interpretation e.z.-er)
flame bird from air
overhead bird dive
knife slide
anti-air knife slide
flame bird
wet-blanket whip
… i think thats it right.

moving on,
nako is a very fast character in her own right, hop or run. she can turtle like a… turtle (really good turtle) and she has a wide range of aerial combat moves BUT she isnt very powerful and she takes damage like… uhhh… like a little…bitch…
assuming that everyone knows that she can sweep into her flame-bird super, ok but thats about it. her lvl 3s are the only supers worth doing unless you can consequetively sweep your opponent into bird-super. imo the best situation to use the heal would be if the opponet is far( do any flame bird hit or block(parry or just-d… dumb bastards :lol: :lol: :cool: ) only!) and has no lvl 3 super and its important to try to use the heal when you dont really need it but if you pull it off completly it wont go to waste.
the classic way to use the bird dive-super is after a fierce or roundhouse wiff, fireball, dp,…ect. yeah its alittle bit stronger than you flame bird super but its not as practical.

ok so on to basic gc-combos
(thanks to finalshowdown for a very good explanation system for gc-combos that i decided to adapt cuz its easy learning)

(or any combination of 3 light attacks, i use this one cuz if i get the combo in i can buffer into knife-slide or anti-air knife slide)
c.lp,, c.lp…
…s.round<------ should be the best cuz if they have a chance to roll or just-d you have more chance of blocking and most “counter-supers” wont hit or are less likely to hit.(think screw-punch w/ balrog)
s.lp,, or…
… run---->c. lp, s.rh
gtg but ill try to put some cc of mine and more stuff on grooves and their pros and cons

i dont really use her in a-groove but i can do alot of damage(well, good enough ya know!) :frowning: :bluu:
ok well here goes, c.lp,, cf.fierce repeat very fast… ok. moving on,… its a good combo and its surprise your friends! yes yes i know you can juggle with the bird in the corner and then dive down and repeat BUT the damage sucks! c- groove cancel sucks cuz there is nothing that great.

anyway, well its like this… imo nako relies heavily on how you can read the pattern of you opponent she does better in the second slot rather then the first. if the opponent is using the 'gief as an anchor then you nako should be put on the last spot cuz nako tosses zangief’s salad. she does about the same against most character and she does alittle better agaisnt turtle character like mai and guile. basically she has very fast moves that really work if you can throw a good mind game but then you have to switch the game plan on repeated opponents cuz they’ll catch on! well thats it for now.

edit: for the a-groove combo i started using mp and mk instead because its alot easier, just dont forget to get into “that” distance to stay safe from a whiff.

yo rock sama i use nako ken and r2 terry in a groove

nako goes first cause she builds super like mad almost as good as mai, but i was just wondering do you have any good setups for the custom combo. only thing i can think of is activate in air then crossup and cr fierce x N. Also i cant do the bird super at the end any tips for that?

hmmm well you have two strong char. use the meter, if your nako is half way or more down on hp then i would suggest u save it for the next char.

in cc well, that depends on what cc u use, as in do you keep then in the ground or in the air at the end?

if they are in the air already i usually c.fierce —> bird super. but if you dont then sweep, c. fierce ----> bird super the reason for this is because it gives you more time to combo it in unlike the sweep —> bird super finish

edit: it gives you more time to do the motion correctly…

ummm a good set up… well i cross up and then activate because it leaves less chance of mistake.

ill be honest, i dont really use a groove as much as i would like but ill go get experiment some more.

yo, i just picked up nako and i’ve got some questions…

  1. what are some tricks after a knockdown that you can do with the bird (ie mixing up the overhead, mount dismount, etc)?

  2. are there any good setups to hit her 2 HCB + K super? this is probably one of the most embarrassing supers to get hit by in the entire game:evil:

  3. any good uses for her “wet-blanket whip?” it doesn’t seem like anything spectacular and doesn’t have very good range…

  4. does her bird dive (once you mount the bird, do a QCB + p) have decent recovery? because i’d imagine after your opponent blocked one of those, they would try to retaliate, and ching CC time.

  5. who does she do well against/die horribly to? i’ve heard she does very bad against hibiki but fairly well against vega…

  6. what the best way to start her tripguard CC?

  7. anybody have any good vids of nako? i checked the go for broke hub and came up empty handed.


To …

  1. reflect Fireballs w/ it (like Athenas hcf + K)

  2. recovery is crap if they block. Best application would be as a fast overhead. Hardly never bother using it in CvS2 (altough in CvS1 it was GODLY). Risk VS reward isn’t very good.

  3. I recommend to do crouching MK. Comes out fast and stays out long.

  4. Havn’t seen anything either. But on the coming SBO DVD there might be something. J. Player who kicked out Choi used a K Nako.


**yo, i just picked up nako and i’ve got some questions…

  1. oooooohhhhh boy. there are so many things you can do its gonna be hard to list them all. the over head trap works well against the wall but in the middle you have to work them there. her c.fierce is very good aa and the can stop most cross-ups with her df.fierce. anyway in regards to the question, its not the best place to start the trap at. i like to use nako cuz it makes me think more strategically, and i like to play mind games, but the whole jump on/off bird thing… i dont usually do it cuz it is too slow. jab bird dive at the right distance leaves you safe from most chars. i sometimes get on the bird and fly up high and when the jump at me i press fierce… since its possible to choose the direction itll get you the extra hit. after a knockdown, jump on the bird and fly directly over them and it is possible to cross up with the fierce from the bird ( although i myself havent gotten it consistently, but it works) if you have a low jump, low jump rh is a killer and then u can sweep flame bird super if they wiff a wake up or you fool them into blocking up. this is by far the surest thing against a roll groov., do the bird super at a safe distance as they roll, u trip, if they jump, you aa bird slide, if they jump in c. fierce, unless they have a lvl 3, block and theyll use their super up, ex. rock, kim and a few more with quick supers.

  2. no. i hardly ever use this move because its not practical at all. if someone is dizzy…

  3. aa k and p grooves! they love it. u can combo it, from, c.jab, wet-blanket… its safer than the c. jab. c. short c.jab knife slide. projectile happy ioris love this move too.

  4. at the right distance it is safe but its basically a guessing game or is you see a fireball coming and u get on the bird and dive…

  5. a nako agaisnt a zangief… worst match up ever. nako tosses up zangief raw. hibiki is basically aa fierce, her shitty 5 hit combo… thats its so if your nako… u shouldnt lose since nako can stay in the air and toss bird at her all day from the floor too. nako has a great air game.

6… im not going to pretend, i use nako in run grooves to rush down, her dash is nice but i dont play her in a match in c or a.

  1. sorry, why the hell doesnt srk have more vids?!! whatever…

i just wanted to share some shit with anyone interested in nako that i just found out today.

alright, i have said that the dive bird super was not comboable but I found a way to connect it… the downside is, its that i couldnt get the fucker consistently, this does alot better damage than the flame bird super ok ok ok o_X the way i found this out was because i messed up the sweep xx lvl 3 flame bird super…

anyway i did the backflip (close s.RH)but i only got the first hit and then up went nako-chan to mamahaha to surprised opponent and it was fifteen hits. i guess it was due to “negative edge,” anyway, i havent tried c-groove lvl 2 xx lv1 flame bird super but it should work right well i hope some one finds this usefull and gets it consistantly cuz i could do it on my MAS…

yeah even tho i sound like a cock for a little while i thought some one might find this shiite useful so enjoy.

95% of the time after you land a flipping slash (df+hk) up close, you can sneak in a c.short and a mutsube for a nice 3-hit combo.

Be advised though, be really careful about ending this, or any combo with the vertical mutsube, because a Safe Fall will have them landing on their feet before you recover from it.

nak has ZERO useful level 2 cancels

when mamahama goes across the screen all her bird moves are temporarily impossible (her hcb p move also does this) so there fore you can cancel to anything but her qcf p move whitch always whiffs

C groove is her worst groove

The qcf p connects just fine as long as you cancel it while the bird is hitting. If you try to cancel anything later, it won’t hit. I’ve only tried this off of the c. rh xx l2 flame super. Total damage is slightly less than c. rh xx l3 flame super.

But then again I don’t like to use her in C.

I’ll try that cancel out

but IMO C isnt her best groove

I never really bothered to try that combo cause A and K are just better for IMO…


i didnt really think about that… but i never used her in c-groove either… i used her in n & k so i didnt think about it… anyway i have to agree that c groove isnt her best groove but its definitly not her worst…

any way the s. rh ( close range) xx any level bird combo super is useable and thats whats important…:wink:

Hadn’t played cvs 2 in a while but a few days ago I did play and that move can really fuck up Akuma and Ryo’s air fireball game. About Geese and Morrigan though, I dunno.

That move is very effective against Guile when you think they are going to throw out a sonic boom, especially up close. It is important to predict it because of her startup frames. Even if they RC it, there isn’t much they can do. If reflected from further away, they will still have to react. Sliding under projectiles won’t help as much if they RC it, and it won’t help at all against Dhalsim.

Wow, finally, A Nak thread:)
I just picked her up recently when I made my good ol’switch back to K groove.

She is HOT.
Complements my Rock very well too. She alone almost makes me pick N again… As she doesn’t need any super!!!
God she’s good.

I like hopping on mamahaha and launching 'em when they jump in, or just hopping on to see their reaction, drop and do whatever… It’s like, Rock’s zoning game but not!!!
Too bad I have to do so much of it to win though.
And too bad she doesn’t take that much damage, however she is solid though.

Geez, heard she alone was the top tier in CvS1. I have no doubts to that now, no wonder she’s toned down:lol:

how do she own up da fag vega?


shes quite horrible without supers…

no damage… beats everything Vega has. c.HP beats Vega’s jumpins.