Advanced doom AAA inf. setups

alrite, here’s some doom setups i’ve found for peeps that use the IM/doom duo. i havent tested these out on all characters but it works against the top tiers…

  1. [air combo into inf] (opponent corner only) hk(launch), sj up+hp, activate fly, call doom AAA+lp,mp,mk,neutral hp, deactivate fly (opponent drops into dooms assist and pops up/IM falls to ground), sj up+hp,ad down+lp, up+hp // start inf.

notes: a) there’s a new combo vid featuring a setup like this with mag’s proj assist. if u’ve already watched it, this combo is very much like it.

b) this is an aircombo into inf. you do NOT need to launch to set this setup up. after any aircombo ending in up+hp, u can use this setup. flight mode jabs connect very easily after up+hp. thus, allowing to continue the combo

  1. [aerial cross-over into inf] dash near opponent, sj, knee dive, cancel to ad forward (cross over) + call doom, activate fly (opponent pops up from doom rocks), d+hp, deactivate fly (opponent falls into doom rocks again, opponent pops up again, doom AAA ends, IM falls to ground), sj up+hp, ad down+lp, up+hp // start inf.

notes: a) kneediving, cancelled into airdashes, while superjumping allows IM to call assists in the air. therefore, i came up with this combo for some aerial crossovers.

b) during this combo try to keep ur eyes on IM. characters do not automatically switch direction towards the opponent after crossing over (by dashing past him) during jump mode.

i believe kneediving cancelled into airdashes puts IM in jump mode (i am not 100% sure about this theory, but it explains why IM can call an assist during a superjump, and cannot commit any additional attacks, or block for that matter)

with that said, activating flight mode will be a lot easier…(sometimes people try doing it the other way, thus messing up the combo)

  1. [triangle jump kneedive cross-over setup] kneedive+doom rocks, f. airdash pass opponent, activate fly, lp, d+hp, deactivate fly (opponent falls into doom rocks again, pops up again, doom AAA ends, IM falls to ground), sj up+hp, ad down+lp, up+hp // start inf.

notes: a) this is a triangle jump kneedive setup. meaning, IM can JUMP, kneedive, use the setup. or he can FLY, kneedive, use the setup.

b) since it acts like a tri.jump, u can use this setup for high/low games/strings. ex: down lk, lk, fast fly knee dive (opponent blocks wrong), u inf.

end notes: like i said… i’ve only tried these against top tiers like cable, storm, mag, i’m pretty sure it works on sent. if not, subsitute some lp’s with lk’s to adjust to his size and weight.

there are also other doom AAA setups, these are just more advanced/useful then others.

these combos are all pretty hard to get down, timing/controls are very strict. play around with them to improve/adjust the setups. it worked for me :smiley:

finally, if u have trouble with any of these setups, LET ME KNOW. i’m all for helping out IM players. i cannot make any vids, but if some1 can make it for me, i will greatly appreciate it. good luck!

edit: fixed combo 2, added in “call doom”, and made some grammar corrections.

no comments??? questions???

no offense; the reason I have no questions and concerns is because i doubt i see myself doing hardly any of these. That, and the fact that I do not use im/doom a lot. These setups would be tyte on a combo video, but as far as a tourny goes, I just ain’t sure how much your going to catch A GOOD player with these. why u say?

how does IM get in? haha, it is ALMOST impossible, yes with doom it is easier but i mean shit…he is just having bad matchups nowadays…you can’t land a tri jump with him anymore really…unless you cross over. i guess the time that one would have to put into these combos is not worth the productiveness that would come out of knowing them. im sure now that i said this; im an ignorant scrub:rolleyes:

no fense taken mann! id rather get a reply like this, than none at all…seems like all these IM threads are filled with “help me do the inf!” i was just trying to post more advanced setups with assists that IM works well with.

as far as IM getting in…picture the space IM can cover by SJ, planting an assist while on top the screen, and crossing over (in this case Doom AAA). how exactly do u think IM has trouble doing that??? and by no means im calling u a scrub. im just wonderin why u have so much trouble using him.

IM is versatile. he can rush, run, and zone. mix these up at the right times and IM becomes a deadly contender.

another thing is that i think people worry too much about rushing with IM. IM isn’t going to get very far if ur just dashing in and jumping over assist. IM has mobility and can call assists in the air. he has ways of getting in. just guess (or know) on what ur enemy is doing, and react accordingly. use assist bait, use fly, use dives, jump, airdashes to get it. if that doesnt work, jus block and get ready for the next attack.

oh yea, and smart bombs are crucial to his game, …all around…

well man i have to tell u both that u have strong points but lets b serious man it depends on ur style of play with me on some days u have where i can only rush ppl down and thats all and i can’t play IM then i have my other days where IM is my man of choice what i mean is in my opinion is if ur too use to playing top tier char. then IM will b useless because the game play is extremely different but if u have a good understanding of low tier then u have a better chance on playing him effectively no matter the assist used for example i can crush msp or team scrub with psy aaa and IM just learn where to place the assist and ur fine but i got my ass handed to me against wolverine/storm/cyclops:D its all about the game play

i claim to have a pretty good ironman, but I just never learned how to work him with doom-b real good…sent-y or psy is my weapon of choice…dun feel like going into it, too much on my mind…lataz

well superior tech all of them is good but its been a while since i use im/doom so i prefer im/sent imo but good sheet though im gonna learn that whats your aim so that we can talk about more im?

sup i use IM/sent too, but IM/Doom is still deadly with the right hands, and it got some NASTY advantages IM/sent doesnt have.

aim: PogiJinPn0y

i use Sent/IM/Doom or IM/Sent/Doom (IM/Sent and IM/Doom what more could you ask :p) tight team but honestly most of that is too much work like 50 more centz said, IM gets a hard time getting in already, those setups will look tight if you pull it off but in a real match … good luck, stick to ones you can do all the time instead of advanced ones using Doom which you can mess up easy and Doom-AAA scales the damage way down after the setup anyway

still imma try those stuff against scrubs or something

whats so hard about SJing, calling an assist in the air, crossing over, then following it up with an inf setup???

seriously, if everyone only tries playing a basic IM, then all he’s gonna be, is a basic character. if i see an opportunity for a 1-hit kill, i will abuse it. these ARE hard combos and they require timing and practice, but it is very much worth it. IM is a combo master! even BETTER then magneto (yes i truly believe this, and ill be happy to explain if u want). if u wont take the time to learn aircombo’s into inf, setting inf off assists, u will be missing A LOT with IM.

most of these setups are crossovers w/doom aaa. opponents have to switch up their blocking, and the setups are relatively safe if messed up. doom’s rocks will be behind ur opponent, and IM will be on the other side coming down from the air.

and for damage scaling…only normal hits cause dizziness. dooms rocks will only affect the damage dealt, but u can still add in more inf reps. i go usually go 47-53 hits before ending with PC. (there are times i hit 60+)

also, there are some fierce attacks in the setups, so opponents still end up with little, or no life. just chip the rest with doom aaa.

simple… its impossible… can’t call an assist while sjing.

but I see what u’re saying. I don’t like IM/doom tho

calling an assist in the air…

sj x kneedive x airdash, call assist

fly, call assist

tech throw, call assist

lol um … nothing, in fact i do this most of the time :stuck_out_tongue: but i hate combos with strict timing, which your combos require, i have enough crossups to play a decent Ironman game :smiley:

Just thought I’d bump this since I’m trying to play IM/Stri/Doom.

What are some of the more basic inf set-ups with Doom?