Advanced Charge Buffering

How in the hell do you do it? I’ve done it once by accident. I’m not talking about lame ol’ tackle, tackle, tackle, on airborne cornered opponent. I can do that. I’m talking about back dash tackle/headbutt. Forward dash tackle/headbutt. I’ve also seen it performed with 2-3 forward dashes and then a headbutt/tackle… Also, the infamous dash > s.jab> s.strong xx headubtt. How do you do this?

Dashing back and forth doin the tackle is easy, just charge back during the tackle and the dash.
Doing headbutt is a bit harder, I do it by super jumping and charging down, land, dash forward (as soon as u tap toward toward to dash, charge down right away) and the end of ur dash, pull up and headbutt.
I find it easier on DC than in the arcade tho, and I havent really find a way to do charge dashes in real matches.
One thing I saw Tokido do against JR : Throw, dash forward and kneedrop, I was like huh?
Another thing u can try is charge partitionin… such as kneedrop, charge down, standing fierce (charge down as soon as u can) kneedrop/headbutt, UOH, kneedrop/headbutt.
Again I am no expert on this stuff, I just listed the easier ones.

Jab, strong, ex headbutt I pulled in out by fluke once… I have never done it again. :lol:

Thanks. I tried to translate what you said, but to no avail. So I just did the next best thing. Figured it out myself. Now that I figured it out, when I come back and read what you posted, it makes sense. :lol:

when you dash at people and headbutt over them, the don’t expect it and are kinda like:wtf:. Goes over a lot of low pokes. I also like to toss it in on wakes ups to cross over and mess up “wake up input commands”. That way, the super they tried just ends up being a reverse motion, which usually results in a missed poke by them. To throw another curve ball, I like to dash forward headbutt, as soon as you land on the other side, Tackle (short version) (but after the headbutt I usually throw, or low parry > ducking fierce) Thanks for your info though.

Okay, about forward dash tackle/headbutt, the way I do it is through regular “charge partitioning”. I think “dashing charge” and “charge partitioning” are the same thing. It looks like the key element of the equation is the charge time of the special move.

I’m not sure this actually answers your question, but basically you split down the charge time into smaller parts. You have to make sure you don’t overcharge it though, otherwise the move won’t come out.

You must first get an idea of the (minimum) charge time of your move -I have no idea if they are actually different depending on the move character since I only really use this with Alex’s EX Stampede, but I always use the same timing and it seems to work fine with Urien and Remy too. However, it’s important to consider the different properties of the character’s dashes.

Say the charge time is 2 seconds -it’s actually much less, but this is just an example.

Here, what you want to do is charge 1 second before the dash, because it’s impossible to charge 2 seconds during the dash (it’s too fast). Of course you can hide this first charge with whatever move you want: in Tokido’s case, a throw.

I’ve also seen players do a [back, forward, back] just to get a feel of the charge time, but of course this only works for down-up charge moves. As mentioned earlier, don’t overcharge it otherwise it won’t work AFAIK.

After the initial 1 second charge, dash forward (f,f) and start the second charge as soon as possible (f,f,d/b). I’m not sure the second charge has to be exactly as long as the first -the timing seems less strict than that- but the total must not exceed the total charge time of the special move.

As soon as the dash ends, just do up (or forward) + the button(s) required to perform the special move. The special move should come out right after the dash. There even seems you can wait a bit before finishing the move, but I haven’t tested it enough to comment on this: would this explain [dash, jab, strong, headbutt] or is it also needed to charge during the jab? I don’t use Urien much, so someone else please answer this.

Basically, this is exactly the same as doing Alex’s [standing strong (charge), standing strong (charge) -> EX Stampede] which you can also split into 3 standing strongs or whatever moves depending on how fast you charge, except here the dash is considered as a normal move. Hope this makes sense.

If there’s another method, then I’m not aware of it.

right now, I’m trying to master the repeated dash charge buffer. I have no problem charge buffering and doing the special move after one dash. But I’m trying to do it after 2, maybe 3 dashes.

Is there any actual difference if you do several dashes? Splitting the charge between them doesn’t work?

ok, I got that down too! I didn’t know that you couldn’t surpass the charge time. So that’s why I couldn’t do it at first. After I went back and read that part of your post, it’s so easy. Too easy if you ask me. Doesn’t require any practice. 4 dashes fills the charge time without a pre buffer. (like a wiffed strong) millions of options to reduce it to 3,2, or 1 dash.

How did you figure that out? (that you couldn’t charge for more time than the move required?) I got it down to almost perfect. Seemed like I couldn’t mess up even if I tried. But the multiple dashes just wasn’t working. I would have never thought “oh, I cant do it like this cuz I’m charging too long” :smiley: Just curious.

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I didn’t find out everything by myself, some people I know were already using it last year and there was a discussion about it on these forums a while ago so I just put two and two together in training mode. Glad I could help though.

ok, charge buffering I get, after watching the remy vid from cornertrap by “the HY” it explained alot. It’s cool, but just doesn’t seem that usefull to ME in a real match. but like u were saying about dashing and headbutting over grounded opponents … it’s made me think twice.

anyway i saw a vid from “replay data land” about 6 months ago? where this guy does 5 tackles on ryu in the corner from a low fierce (and that’s the whole video) and it made me bust out training mode and all I could get was 2 in a row like Tokido vs JR. Is this a DC only sytem direction thing, or is it possible w/ some charge buffer/partitioning trick?


ps. it’s on Jap. DC 3S but I didn’t think there was any difference in the ports? or is there?:confused:

I must try this shit. It could make my oro better.

I’m gonna assume it was a programmable controller. If you know anything about Tekken Tag, then you know about the EWGF. And you would also know about the 3xEWGF. Well, some Koreans did a video with 4xEWGF’s, on King, non techrollable. May sound off subject, but it relates. They used the pad for combos that are possible by the game engine in theory, but impossible to do by humans becuase you would have to be insanely fast. I’m assuming they had a programmable controller that let them go from Back > Forward > Back in such blazing speed, it gave them a great advantage. I’ll try to explain it the way I see it.

Once in a blue friggin moon, I can do 3 tackles on Ryu. I do it by charging back, as quick as possible tap forward and then go to back again. (C.b, f, b) Have a slight delay the second time you hit back, but before you hit the kick button. It is a very small window. But you have to hold long enough so you start charging for the second tackle, but not too long that you destroy the “charge memory” of your first tackle. So it should look like this…

Charge B ~ F ~ B (small delay) > while still holding back, hit kick. It’s a weird timing that takes a while to get used to. No human will ever get it down perfect everytime. It’s impossible. You have to get it down to the millisecond for it to work. (that’s why you need a programmable pad) You do the first two tackles like that. Also, you have to hit the first tackle to the FRAME! And by that I mean, you have to hit K the very first frame that urien is able to move after d+FP. It will pop them up higher if you do it correctly becuase Urien goes under them when making contact. Do it normally, he just smashes them into the corner. (similar to Uriens d+FP, wk tackle, mp shpere (upwards), RH tackle, MK tackle combo on chunli) The wk tackle and the mp shpere have to be done early as possible. IBut back to tackling Ryu. If you charge it correctly, and hit the first tackle to the FRAME, the second tackle will be ready for the FRAME as well. The third is the simplest. Just hit foward and kick. (no need to do f,b delay, kick) I’ve only done 3 tackles on Ryu twice.

Not to sound like a hater, but the Japanese and Koreans are known to use programmable pads for retarded combos like that. And those pads make all the difference. It can be prgrammed to go from b > f > b in less then .01 seconds. That gives you just the amount of extra time needed to charge each tackle. I remember seeing a vid like that before. But my memory only recalls 4. Either way, it’s impossible by human hands. I don’t care what anybody says.

Larry, damn a charge buffer with Oro. You better work on your parry/walkup 720 with hugo. :lol:

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Thanks jive turkey, all of that info was VERY usefull! :smiley: :evil:
I think it was 4 tackles, and I’ve seen one of those programmable sticks before, there a cool idea, but like u said, can do impossible combos. 4 ewgf that’s insane… is king like the easiest to juggle in ttt? (kinda like chun in 3S)

4 tackle vid, u did 3 on ryu, what was the button used, and order?
is it mk, mk, mk/lk? i’m trying to distinguish if it is crucial to not hit lk early in the juggle? lk always seems to mess up the juggle heighth and timing. or even better, is lk not even neceassary or worse?

thanks again, much appreciated:D

Actually, the changs are. But King was used because his hit box is bigger, so certain combos are easier. (like Q in 3rd Strike. Even though he’s so heavy, d+FP, wk tackle, mp sphere, rh tackle, mk tackle is retarded easy) See what you made me do? :stuck_out_tongue: Started ranting on Tekken Tag.

Anyway, back to Street Fighter…

wkT= Tackle with wk
MKT= Tackle with mk
RHT= Tackle with RH

When I do 3 tackles on Ryu, I do MKT, wkT, wkT. Once, and only once I got MKT, MKT, wkT to connect. The wkT is weird. It hit’s the earliest, but ends quicker. So sometimes his tackling sprite will overlap the falling body, and not connect. Very annoying. But you always want to do each tackle as early as possible. Once you get the timing down, MKT, MKT is so easy on shotos. MKT, wkT is even easier. MKT is usually the first tackle after d+FP. The exception however is on characters that you can land tackle, fireball, tackle. Then wkT is used first.

it basically works like this.

The higher the strength of the tackle, the more time you have to charge during it. The catch is however, the lower to the ground they get because you take longer to recover. This is what I mean. D+FP, RH Tackle can be a pain in the ass to land becuase it comes out so slow. But if you connect it, as soon as you recover from the RH tackle, you can tackle again. Assuming you are tackle buffering. (Because the animation is much longer, so you are tackling for a longer amount of time) Hence more charge time. But wkT is much quicker in total animation frames. If you try to tackle again as soon as you recover from a wkT, you will do a basic attack. As you have not charged long enough. This is very important to understand, and I suggest you toy with it see what I mean. This doesn’t mean the RH tackle is useless. It’s just not used to follow up d+FP in the corner. (there are some juggles like d+fp, d+fp again, RHT xx reflector on certain characters though) RHT is especially deadly if you landed that oh so precious anti air mp sphere near the corner. Because now they are high up, and it is so easy for the RH tackle to hit that sweet spot from below. You can drain %70 easy. Example, say you do an anti air sphere, while they are near the corner. You want to follow with RHT timed so they land on it as he is recovering. As soon as you recover, RHT tackle again. Then EX Tackle, then RHT xx reflector (if that’s your super) so it will look like this.

anti air mp sphere, RHT, RHT, EXT, RHT xx aegis reflector

some character it’s easier with…

anti air mp sphere, RHT , EXT, RHT, MKT xx aegis reflector

You have to understand tackling recovery and properties, becuase you are human, and you can make mistakes. If you make a mistake, you can fix it on the fly.

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While on the subject of Charge Buffering…does Q have any use for Charge Buffering?

Wow, I just found out about charge partitioning/charge buffering today from there Corner Trap Remy vid. Was there charge buffering/paritioning in other games, like Alpha 3 or CvS2, or is this SF3 only?

Man, Urien is my character, and I feel like it’s a real pitty that I can’t charge partition. I think my main problem is that I play with the analog stick of a madCats pad. Most ppl are shocked when they hear/see that. I can’t even dash to the left consistently, my thumb doesn’t work that way :lol:

But a question though… with oro, could this be done:
Charge down, UOH, Oniyama (that uppercut of his)
and if it can, then you could probably mix in low shorts in between several UOH to finish with an Oniyama, right?