Ads blocking drop-down alert box

Some of the ads in the top right corner of the forums page - the ones right below the account options tabs (inbox, alerts, log out) - seem to have higher priority to the alerts drop-down box. So, I get an alert, I hover over the “Alerts” tab to get the box to drop down, and the add covers all the important parts of the box. It’s pretty inconvenient.

yeah do something about it plz

I agree but its much more annoying when im on my phone.

I could be mistaken but I do believe Wiz said before they had no control over what ads appear on SRK.

This shit is extremely annoying. Got me mashing my touch screen…

They do it on purpose so you accidently click that shit. Since all that needs to be done is move everything to left.

I installed AdBlock Plus just for this reason. Either the ad box in the top right needs moved or the Alerts portion needs moved.

The current LG add makes me think I’m a Mission Impossible movie.

mad annoying this site is slowing turning into a eSports site

If a sales representative from LG ever tries to sell me a phone, I’m going to murder him immediately. Their stupid ad appears THREE TIMES on a single forum page. The only way I would approve this is if LG is giving SRK so much money that all forum users get a free brand new arcade stick every year.

Is there a SRK Premium thing I can pay for to not have fucking adds…seriously, the LG add needs to fucking go.

I accidentally roll over ads and I have two to three of the same ads playing something and then I don’t know where the hell it’s coming from. What gives?