Adopt A N00b

Hello, i just started playing BB:CS and I LOVE IT!! i read all the posts and did reserch, I main Tsubaki and I practice and tryed her out and like her! The thing is, with all this information (how to do this and that. the tuturial mode Dustloops, youtube, iplaywinner,ect) i still want to learn more! I learn better if i had a mentor, so what i ask of you BB community who would like to adapt me? take me under their wing? id greatly appreiciate it =)

XBL:Panda 0f SpadeZ

GT: My Awesome Afro

I main Makoto, But I’m screwing around with Noel at the Minny-Mo. Add me and invite me whenever, I’m always down for Blazblue. Although, I’m a dick and I play to win every game with her because I play @RL Arcades and Shit.

I play Everyone bar Rachel + Carl, So If you want any experience against a character you find difficult to play against, Let me know and I’ll play as them for you. Good to see some fresh faces on BB@Shoryuken. Game needs more hype.

^ Your home now.

Thanks you sir =) we shall do battle!! and this game needs more players! I love how this game is so complex and deep. F*** Street fighter! I have comverted to BlazBlue-ism

Meh, I don’t mind street fighter, But it’s just too slow and clunky. And playing like a dick usually nets the win. Blazblue for me wins for pure Balance.