Adon players on a arcade stick

Sup, I was thinking about buying an arcade stick and I was on the fence about it because that would mean I would most likely learn how to play with adon all over again but some of my friends say its easier to pull of combos,fadcs,etc. and I wanted to know would it even be worth doing?



There are many threads about this topic so you should check them out.

But to answer your question there is nothing you can do on a stick that you cant do on a pad. If you like playing with a pad them stick with it(no pun intended)

I tried adon on a stick and i just couldnt do it to save my life.

I perfer stick for the simple reason that inputting commands is more accurate since it’s my wrist/hand rather then my thumb alone.

im going to invest in a stick, I believe I can do the motions better with my hand/fingers than my thumb and I should see an improvement in inputs as I shall be learning how to play all over again :smiley:

i switch from pad to stick. no difference to me aside that my reactions for jaguar revolver and his super got better. also i found it easier to hit confirm into super. but as as former pad player. theres nothing you can do on stick that you cant do on pad (with adon).So whyd i switch someone might ask? because i wanted too. and i find playing on stick alot of fun. now learning stick…that requires patience.

I think playing on stick is much more difficult to learn than anything that I had to learn on pad. But I do prefer the stick for the simple reason that my inputs are much cleaner and consistent than it ever was on pad. Sure, I can do a lot on pad, but stick is just the better way to go in my opinion. Do yourself a favor and at least pick up a stick to see what the difference is. And spend plenty of time to practice it instead of just throwing it under your bed after getting your butt kicked online for your first couple of “Stick Matches”. Let me just say that there is a reason why most top players use a stick, and it’s not just because “It’s what they’re used to.”

I’m sure there are others but I play on both. Recently I’ve been toying with Adon. I thought many of his challenges were interesting. I primarily play Zangief (Grapplers) and Charge Characters on Stick. Some Charge Characters I can play on Pad just as well or better. For Shoto s I have decided to use pad(PS Controller/ Mad Catz Pad) only because certain actions are easier to pull off and since I don’t use them for the most part… because I think they’re queer.

Quite Honestly, you’ve seen Shizza and I forget the kids name with that excellent Fei Long, do great things on Pad. I’d say stick with pad. Apparently the only things that are better on stick (which I totally respect and agree with) are the ability to slap/piano buttons, one finger focus/grabs/taunts, and easier triple button hits. A lot of people would argue better stick and button response but, everyone can make the tools they have work for them.

Stick with Pad… if you’re a woman.

Yah ive won about 60 percent of my 40 or so adon matches online using a dualshock 3, no stick necessary for me at this point, granted i still play at a C level, not sure if you meant pad as in fight pad or dualshock 3 though, so maybe we arent expressing the same thing here

I’ve abandoned my TE stick. :sad: Maybe one day I’ll have the patience to learn it. I can’t stand being beat by people I’d easily beat with a pad. :frowning:

I just bought the TE fightstick a week ago and I use Adon with a fightpad and I can tell you that there is a difference between using a pad and using a stick. I was practicing some combos with Adon today with my stick and I had a hard time trying to do a Jaguar Kick while standing, but I was able to do it while in the air and right after I did any other move. I went back to my fightpad and I was able to do a Jaguar Kick with no problems at all.

After playing around with the fightstick, I checked his move list and I realized that I was doing the input wrong on the fightstick which worked for me when I used the pad, sure enough, I was able to do Jaguar Kicks on command while standing. Granted, if I would have figured this out sooner, I would have just checked the move list…lol

It was kinda hard getting used to the fightstick, but I just had to be a little more patient with it and somehow everything just “clicked” with me and I’m getting used to it.

Might I suggest that if you have a friend who has a fightstick, you might want to play with it before you sell out the money to buy one.