Adon Option Selects


note: “~” means you buffer the next input before recovering from the first move.

Versus backdash:
-safe jump HP/HK ~ short RJ
-safe jump HP/HK ~ c.HK/s.HK
-meaty cls.LP, s.LK + s.HK
-meaty cls.LP, c.LK + c.HK

Versus Ashura Teleport:
-safe jump HP/HK ~ roundhouse JT
-safe jump HP/HK ~ Jaguar Revolver
-meaty Jaguar Crunch ~ roundhouse JT
-meaty Jaguar Crunch ~ Jaguar Revolver

Versus Dhalsim, Bison, and Seth teleport:
-safe jump HP/HK ~ short JK
-safe jump HP/HK ~ Jaguar Revolver

Versus EX Sumo Headbutt:
-safe jump HP/HK ~ roundhouse RJ

Versus EX Seismic Hammer:
-safe jump HP/HK ~ cls.HP


A safe jump is when you use a jumping attack that you’re opponent can’t wake-up reversal out of. You’ll know it’s a successful safe jump if you jump in, attack, and: (a) connect with your jumping attack on a non-reversaling opponent or (b) block your opponent’s reversal right after you land. All of this in the same knockdown set up.

I. Forward grab, dash, j.HP/j.HK

II. Back grab, s.LP, j.MK (cross-up)

III. Last hit of short RJ, j.HP/j.HK

IV. Forward RJ, j.HP/j.HK

V. Jaguar Avalanche, s.LK, j.MK (cross-up)

VI. Jaguar Assassin, s.MK, j.MK (cross-up)


Adon’s safe jumps are relatively easy to execute, but a lot of them are character specific. Luckily, it’s not hard to find out who Adon can safe jump 100% of the time: if the opponent has a 5 frame or higher wake-up option, they can be safe jumped. Of course, you have to look at variations in wake-up time and whatnot, but this is a good guideline if you’re just starting to learn Adon’s OS options.

So far, these set ups will work on:

Abel (not against U2)
Balrog (not against EX punches)
C. Viper
Dhalsim (not against Super or U1)
E. Honda
El Fuerte (not against U2)
Fei Long
Gen (not against Crane Super)
Gouken (not against counters)
Hakan (not against U2)
Juri (not against counters)
M. Bison
Makoto (not against EX Karakusa and Tanden Renki?)
Rose (not against Soul Satellite)
T. Hawk
Vega (not against Scarlet Terror?)

Notice that these safe jumps don’t work against moves that have armor. But that’s what Jaguar Kicks and Teeth are for, right? Grabs work too.

lk.RJ hits most back dashes.

n.jump HK OS with HK.RJ against honda, as used by gamerbee. :slight_smile:

EDIT: also, im questioning if hit confirms count as OS. If they are, buffering the super are c.FP works really well.

Thanks for the bump! :tup:

If you’re buffering, that should technically be an option select.

1: If normal connects, buffered special comes out.
2: If normal whiffs, nothing else comes out.

Of course, it all depends on what normal you’re using to buffer. Jabs/Shorts are generally not good unless your character has a slower-than-average light, or you have really good timing. Mid/Hard attacks are usually better since the canceling frames are much farther apart to the recovery frames.

And yes, buffered super after c.:hp: = <3

Safe Jump HP/MK/HK OS with HK.RJ works on honda’s LP/EX headbutt and LK buttslam, the rest of his wake up options will either get stuffed by the safe jump or RJ will whiff leaving both parties at neutral.

It also works on wake up options that are vulnerable by the 9th frame because HK.RJ have 6 frames of full body invulnerability and it hits on the 5th frame plus 4 landing frames. Anything with more than 9 frames of invulnerability would either cause HK.RJ to pass thru or get beaten. For example, Bison’s EX psycho crusher will beat it.

Anyone care to give some safe jump setups? I was experimenting with back throw this morning.

How are you able to buffer the Rising Jaguar while doing the safe jump hk? Do you just do the motion while your safe jumping and if they block it blocks the HK and if they try and anti-air you get the RJ?

Front throw then dash sets up a safejump on most characters cept shotos guy (with meter) fei adon and maybe a few others.

A 1 hit LK RJ (hold uf immediately) sets up the same safejump. That’s pretty good because (if they’re standing) xx lk RJ is the most reliable overall BnB I think. Plus it also works off iAJK xx LK RJ.

any more OS’s discovered?

List updated; safe jump and character section added. Thanks for the input guys!

Thanks for the update, i’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’m not too good at OS’ so this will help out tons. Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.


edit: read below

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You can option select sims teleports with HK Jaguar Kick

If he ports behind, (when timed right) sim takes a Rising Jaguar to the face
If he ports infront, He’ll eat a Jaguar Kick
If he ports in place, Jaguar Kick comes out and you’re safe

I need some one to verify that Ibuki and Fei Long can be safe jumped with foward throw, dash, j.HP/HK.

I can’t for the life of me safe jump them. Either they wake up 1-2 frame faster or something. I tested it on training and that safe jump works on sagat, viper, cammy, seth and T.Hawk but for some reason Ibuki and Fei long are able to DP my safe jump.

I tried back throw, jab, and they worked on Ibuki and Fei Long. I have no idea why forward throw set up don’t work.

Fei long can’t because he wakes up faster, dunno about ibuki.

Do you know if Guile and Blanka have faster wake up too? Because I know they have weird wake up animation but not sure if they wake up faster. Another thing is that I did back throw, jab, and tested it on Fei Long, Ibuki, Blanka and Guile. I was able to safe jump Fei Long, Ibuki and Blanka but Guile was able to EX flash me out of the air.

I’m guessing Guile wakes up 1 frame faster, making his Flash kick a 3 frame attack on wake up but Blanka just have a deceptive wake up animation.

Ok, I went back to testing and was baffled at why Ryu’s safe jump set up (forward throw, walk back, j.hp) works on almost everyone.

So I hopped on Adon and tried to replicate that and I found a safe jump set up that works on ALMOST everyone.

The set up:

Back throw, take ONE step back, jump forward J.hp/hk

If you play Bison and know about his pseudo safe jump (forward throw, take ONE step forward, jump forward J.hp) that beats all DPs then this shouldn’t be a problem for you to preform.

It works on everyone except the following that I’ve found:

Adon, Obviously
Akuma, 3 Frame DP
Abel, U2
Dhalsim, U1 and Super (The super is strange because I’ve seen Mago safe jump that when he fought Mochi)
Gouken, Counters
Ken, LP/HP DP but works on MP and EX
Ryu, 3 Frame DP
Vega, U2 (this one is also strange because the frame data says it’s 1+6 frame but it will catch Ryu and Adon’s safe jump)

This safe jump set up will beat armored moves (Boxer), Rose’s orb, Guile/Fei Long/Ibuki’s fast wake ups and all 4 frame reversals.

Edit: This safe jump doesn’t work on Blanka, his get up is strange, he won’t be vulnerable in time to get hit by the safe jump.

The forward throw safe jump set up in the OP does not work on Guile/Blanka/Fei Long/Ibuki/Gen because they wake up faster than the rest of the cast AND it will lose to 4 frame reversals.

The back throw, jab safe jump set up also loses to 4 frame reversals and the timing is super strict on Guile/Fei Long/Ibuki.

Edit: Gen wakes up 1 frame faster also, which will beat forward throw safe jump but will lose to my back throw set up.

Hey guys, I think I found an other O.S. that GamerBee uses.

Against faling sky or EX faling sky:
-safe jump HK ~ throw(

I hope I’m not telling something everyone knows, if soo, I’m sorry!

By “faling sky” you mean sky fall? Abel’s air grab thing?

safe jump OS throw is used for beating Abel’s rolls. I don’t think any legit Abel would wake up sky fall.