Adon jaguar kick troubles

Does anyone else have trouble consistently doing jaguar kicks? There are times when i do the backwards dp motion, and the move flat out doesn’t come out (even when i ride the gate). I know that I don’t have bad execution, so is it possible there’s a different timing in doing jaguar kicks?

I’ve had times where walk-forward Jagga kick turned into Rising Jaguar.

SFIV inputs are retarded.

Did you check your inputs in training mode? One thing I used to do was think that I was hitting :db: properly, but actually wasn’t hitting far down enough on the stick and instead just got :b:

yup, can’t do them when he is facing right for some odd reason…

I cursed SFIV input leniency for days while playing Adon until I started doing JK using only shortcuts :db: :d: :db:.

Always stop for a second while walking foward before trying a JK, unless your execution is godlike.