Adon frame/hitbox data?

I hope this hasn’t been posted in another thread, if so I missed it.

Does anyone know where Adon frame data can be found? Images of his hitboxes for some attacks have been posted, is there a place where those are collected?

Adon hit box images (thanks to Mr. Suplex)

Adon frame data

Good idea making this a thread. Pretty important stuff to have instant access to.

Thanks! That’s incredibly helpful.

Picture of only ONE Frame of a move doesn’t represent the move :confused:

I encourage everybody to look at the whole frame of each move.

A friend is doing a great job on his website. stay tuned. (Adon is not yet available)

Freelooser - Frames et hitboxes dans Super Street Fighter 4

About Adon, what i learn after looking a little the Hibox :

Rising Jaguar LK has invulnerabilty (hitbox just disappear) to his legs (legs and waist) from frame 1 to frame 5. Adon is throwable. Adon is considered airborn at frame 6.

Rising Jaguar MK has invulnerabilty (hitbox just disappear) to his head and body upper (but not his legs this time) during 6 frames. NOT Throwable until frame 6 and consider airborn at frame 7

Rising Jaguar HK has full invulnerabilty during 6 frames. NOT Throwable until frame 7. Airborn at frame 6

Rising Jaguar Ex full invulnerabilty during 8 frames. Airborn at frame 6. Not throwable until frame 9

Jumping forward lp has legs (legs and waist) invulnerabilty to projectile from frame 1 to frame 3 (the startup)
jumping forward MP has legs invulnerability to projectile from frame 1 to frame 5 (startup again)
Jumping forward HP : Same thing frame 1 to frame 7 (startup only)

Jumping forward lk : Again only during the startup (frame 1 to frame 3)
Jumping forward mk :Again Frame 1 to frame 6
Jumping forward HK : Frame 1 to frame 9

Neutral jump lp : frame 1 to frame 3 (startup)
neutral jump mp : frame 1 to frame 5 (startup)
neutral jump hp : frame 1 to frame 6 (startup)

Neutral jump lk : frame 1 to frame 3 (startup)
Neutral jump mk : frame 1 to frame 4 (startup)
Neutral jump hk : frame 1 to frame 4 (startup)


Any one knows the frame hit/block advantages/disadvantages for:

Instant Air Jaguar Kicks

I checked the usual frame data sites (wiki from SRK, Prima guide), but frame data for block/hit are missing for these…

Thanks in advance…

Frame data for those would be irrelevant as the height at which you hit the opponent causes major variations. On a proper IAJK I guess it’s between -1 and +2 on block and since sweep combos, a lot on hit.

Thanks for this, it was very helpful as was the website. I was looking all over the place for the invulnerability frames of Rising Jaguar. I hope your friend completes the entire cast.