Adjusting the Damage Ratio to 1.1 for Balance

Adjusting the Damage Ratio to 1.1 for Balance - Smash World Forums

This idea isn’t exactly new. It has been stated numerous times for Brawl competitive play within the game’s life span. Each time, it was struck down.

Basically while it destroys some of the more “broken” elements of the game, it brings upon a whole set of others. Understandably, it totally changes the entire balance of the game. The handful of combos in the game will be destroyed (remember this is the game with that requires the technical prowess of SSF4 for combos that give you about 1/3 of the reward /slight exaggeration), hard-hitters more than anyone will benefit, etc.

I think the reason why Brawl is so horrible as any sort of competitive…well anything is despite its malleability in how it is “meant to be played” (You can essentially play it how ever you want), there’s no foolproof way to solve its key balance problems. Even the items themselves have questionable balance and not to mention hurt the integrity of Brawl as a competitive title anyway (not saying there was much integrity to begin with).

Had this argument won earlier in the game’s life, perhaps it could get more of a following. At this point however, anyone who still plays this game probably tolerates the “original balance” very much. Change is scary, and it’s not like this is guaranteed to be win-win.

The thread started on 10/6 and it’s 10/12 with 840 posts as of this post. That’s more than 100 posts per day. I don’t think there’s any sign of it being struck down. There have been a lot of tests and so far they look promising.

I don’t see much of any side effects caused by this change. Could you mention a few? And yes, because it’s a global change, all the characters will be affected by it to varying degrees, but every character’s design is still the same. As if Brawl had real comboes to begin with. We don’t need to worry about losing what we don’t even have. Hard hitters who can easily get those hard hits are likely to benefit the most would be a bit more correct.

1.1 may not be foolproof, but from the looks of it so far, it looks less broken than 1.0.

I think some of the people who still play have run out of tolerance for some of the broken stuff in the game. 1.1 shows promise of fixing the problems and now players are excited about it. We’ve changed the game to no items, stock mode, and banned certain stages. I think we can be ready to change the damage ratio too.

Looks very promising.

Removing scrub Chain Grab tactics is always a plus.

Mk’s tornado can’t actually be DI’d at all, there isn’t hitstun, just flinching. The more you know…