Adding Sanwa parts to the NEW 8bitdo arcade stick

Hello. I am hoping to buy the new model of the 8bitdo arcade stick and add a JLF-TP-8YT-SK and Sanwa buttons. I have read everything on the forums about modding the older N30 8bitdo stick, but I didn’t know how much, if any of that would carry over to this stick. Does anyone know if it is possible to put these parts in this stick, and if it will be any different than the older stick?

Thank you so much

Yes and no.

It’s a brand new PCB and the joystick mount is different.

You can fit the Sanwa JLF, most JLF clones and maybe the smaller Semitsu joysticks like the LS-56. A LS-40, LS-32, or a Sanwa JLW ia going to be too big to fit without scraping the bottom of the case.

Buttons shouldn’t be an issue, and most arcade 30mm Buttons would fit without issue.

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Thank you. I appreciate the information. I have actually decided that I will save a bit more and purchase a Mayflash f500 elite since it already has the parts that I want installed in it.