Adding a Mic port to a custom stick?

Hey guys,
I just recently picked up this home made Arcade In a Box stick (XBOX 360) not to long ago and i’ve been getting used to it. I noticed i’m a lot better with a stick in MvC3 than with a pad. However i do have some friends i talk shit to while playing online. Only problem is it has no port for a microphone.

I hear wireless 360 headsets could work, however that’ll probably be just another problem i’ll have to worry about it. (Mic might not work with it, etc ). and i have no prior experience with modding.

Here’s a picture of the stick. Any suggestions?

Does that have a standard xbox 360 pcb inside?

Get a headset jack extension from someone who bought a madcatz TE (they all come free with one, and almost no one uses theirs) and drill a hole (around the size of a screw driver) and just slide it in. Hot glue gun on the inside of the case will hold it in place. I did this to my agetec stick and it look great, like it was an implemented part of the case.

Or a cheaper, quicker alternative is just to buy a 3.5mm audio extension cable from radioshack. Won’t look as nice but who cares really.

Wireless headsets have nothing to do with the controller. Wireless headsets connect directly to the console and is independent of the controller.
Only wired headsets on the Xbox 360 is dependent on the controller having a Mic port.

For the Controller to support Wired Mics, the Controller’s PCB must have a mic port or connections for a mic port.

Xbox 360 headsets are 2.5 mm (used by some cordless and cell phones) not 3.5 mm used by Cassette, CD and MP3 players. There are 2.5 mm extension cords.

Ok, so how would i go about implementing that cord?

If your Xbox 360 PCB has a Mic port, you just plug that cord into your Xbox 360 PCB, the other end reaches to the outside of your case, though some kind of opening like a hole your drilled. The part that sticking out will have the jack for your headset.

The Downside is when a plug is in the jack on the Xbox 360 PCB end, the controller thinks there a mic, even if there no mic on the other end of the extension cord.

Cords can be short or long, short ones are often found with Xbox 360 Mad Catz TE sticks, I found a 6 foot cable on eBay once.

Alternatively you can buy a panel mount 2.5mm stereo jack and wire the jack to your Xbox 360 pcb.

With that, i could possibly use a logitech pc mic correct?

have you opened up yet to see if there is a mic port?

I found it! I pick up the wire and go from there huh?

You can use a standard Mic (3.5) with an adapter… they are like 3 bux at radio shack… pretty easy “fix”

this helped me aswell since i dual modded my ps3 stick and only play on 360 now, what would be the best place to drill that hole?

what stick do you have

te r1 tri-mod

Anyone know of any good panel mount 2.5mm jacks? I’ve been looking for one myself, I haven’t had much luck on it. Mainly I want it to mount on a plastic case, my Saulabi. I have one of the TE mic extension cables soldered in there now, and it loves to come loose (tried gluing it to where the USB cable used to come out, no luck). So I’d like one that I can mount to the front of the case.

Try a stronger glue, like epoxy-glue (2 components). With that, the 2.5 jack won’t move (can be a good or bad thing).

honestly, I’d rather have something that looks more professional than that. Those extension cords look like a mini-penis sticking out the back of my Saulabi.