Adapter for ps2 pad in 360

I want to buy a 360 but i wanna use my ps2 stick for DoA4 is there an adapter i can buy?


It’s the only product I know of off the top of my head. Never seen or used it myself.

Personally, I wound up soldering a Mad Catz 360 controller inside a crap spare stick I had lying around. 80 bucks seems steep just for a stick adapter (especially since I’d use it just for HF).

DDr Universe bring the pad, in a weel packech, so you can left you pp2 begind, cause, 360 it’s the new era, ok …lol… just kidding

does the xfps works for the nubytech sf arcade stick?

Anyone test this with a PS2 Saturn pad?

The other thread says “I’ve heard” and "I think " it only works with first party PS2 controllers. Can anyone CONFIRM this?

I’ll tell you on Sunday!

Possible supplier for PS2/DC/SAT 360 adapter


I personally play with a Saturn third part pad (not the official one), with the Magic Box adapter. So I tried to find a company that could allow me to play on the 360.
And I actually found that product:

The Saturn input is very important to me …

It already features an USB port (360 has USB ports ?). So I asked them if it was possible for them to adapt it to the 360. I also said there was many ppl interesting by such a product; that wasn’t available on the market. :wink:
Here is what they answered me today:

Maybe you should all send them an email asking them to modify their item for the 360. And also check:

  • it works with third party pads, sticks
  • there isn’t lag within

BTW, anybody knows why we don’t have at least one adapter for the 360 ? Microsoft doesn’t allow it ?

THE PS2 Saturn pad works with the XFPS 360. I just played 3rd Strike with them. There is no need to remap the buttons within 3rd strike as the 6-button layout already works by default.

If you have any other questions about the XFPS 360, feel free to ask.

Do you know if it works with HRAP’s?

Sorry. The only things I have that I can test out are 2 Byrdo sticks that use PS1 PCBs, a DualShock 2, and the PS2 Saturn controller.

No problem, thanks anyway man.


2 questions:

Was there any noticable input lag?

And do I have to plug in a wired 360 pad, then plug in the XFPS in order for it to work? (someone said you have to do this with HRAPs).

So does it work for the dual shock as well, and how exactly do you get it to work.

I didn’t notice any lag while playin 3rd Strike, BUT I am not really that good to begin with so I can’t really tell that well. If CVS2 was available I’d be able to give you a better answer.

You plug the 360 pad directly into the XFPS first. Then you plug the XFPS into your 360. You can either leave the 360 pad connected or disconnect it after the XFPS has been recognized by your system. I didn’t notice any difference with it connected or disconnected. One nice thing about this is that if you leave the pad connected, you can use your headset.

That sucks for me because I only have wireless controllers…so its like, I’ll have 80 for the XFPS and then another 40 for a wired controller I don’t want or need lol…

Maybe I’ll try usin a charge and play kit see if that works. I was gonna pick one up anyway.

Neways dude thanks for all the info.

according to someone at this site, you can’t use the play and charge kit…

Anyone know where I can buy one of these straight up?

Go here.


Not only that, but it sounds like a messy set up as well. 2 bundles of hardware/wire plus stick…which will probably end up on my living room floor if I also want to use the mic. :sweat:

Bump on the HRAP test request (unless you did already darthjones…I didn’t see it listed in the stuff you tested).

I was wrong about voice chat working. I tried it again today and it didn’t seem to work. Maybe my voice was being picked up from the headset that was connected to my wireless controller when I tested it the first time. So, unless my XFPS is broken, headsets connected to the wired controller do not work.