.: AD Request Thread :


  • You may only ask one tagger for a avatar, if you already ask someone else or made a thread about it, I’m not doing yours.

  • Only one avatar per 2 weeks, if you just got a avatar you gotta wait 2 weeks t’ill you can request, I will check.

  • No bogus avatar requests,no team avatar requests, for human portaits just provide the pictures and pick a color scheme if you want.

  • I rarely do avatars during the weekends.

  • I will not do a avatar for someone named MaxVandalism315 or reset


:Waiting List:

  • Shin-Fran: Akuma
  • Stuc2k: Lei
  • no9176: Asuka
  • piponaz: Gambit
  • BIG BEEF!: Bridget
  • MaxVandalism315: IronMan
  • R.P.D rookie: Final Fantasy 8

:Pick Up:


El Maniatico



NO ASIAN UR RUINING MY BUSINESS!!! lol anyway may i request for a dr doom avy. I feel like having blue, make it blueish. I feel blue today :expressionless:

You still make avs??

oh yeah new rule alee, i dont make avatar for tagger named alee =p lol i just realized how dark it looks outside of PS, darken it if you want

@OM, yes sir riee i do… kinda… errrr… yeah sure i do… actually i have blank tied up in the back and he makes my avatars for me 0_o

too good asian, you outdid yourself. Think you can hook me up with the .psd so i can change the font??? THNX again

Cool nice you to see you back in buisness.

Damn, I forgot that you could do good shit with such a small limit. I could use a new av as well. If you’re up to it, how about something involving the Sentry.

And if you can, get his symbol in there somewhere. Best pic I could find.

As for color scheme, I guess blue and yellow would work.

Can i get an ava with Venom in it? For the text put JAIMUS :3


Anyway you could hook me up with an av? I’ll provide some sprites but if you have better sprites or a better idea in mind, go ahead with it. I’d like it to have IronMan/WarMachine/Psylocke. Animation would be cool but like I said whatever you can fit/think is best. I liked the color scheme you had on the Tron and Venom avs in your first post in this thread, but you can go nuts. I appreciate it in advance. Last thing, if you could put glgaz on it somewhere, that’d be great.

Thanks again…


aLee, you know there’s a Long Island thread in the North East forums. Check it out, we could use more comp.

@ glgaz, ur links are broke

@ monkeyspank, cant wait till you get back into the bussiness

@ alee, i dont give out my .psd =p

Sorry about that…fixed.




LOL kk you fixed it up for me anyways, saved me some time baby :] gluck asian, and try not to be SO GOOD that im outta business

Good shit Demon. You think you can stop the animation though?

Hey AD, could I get an I-no av from ya? #R, not Naruto…if you need sprites/pics can offer some up, not too picky about it, just put ChoJin in for the name if you’ll do it.

EDIT-Going through my old avs right now, haven’t had one done in like 7-8 months or so. Just didn’t want you to think I had someone else making one.

wow chojin thats a new avatar i have not seen before… this mean you aint getting another from me!!1!

well sorry ur just The other asian guy


EDIT-full thread here http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75087 This was the last av I had done.

lol i was joking if you didnt know…

I figured as much. Just wanted to throw that up there to err on the side of caution. =]

Hey Demon you still takin requests?