Actuator Comparo

Here is my non biased, currently non-scientific as I couldn’t find my calipers, comparison of the actuators currently available on the market.

My take after using these is that they were designed around completely different uses.

Kowals actuator was made to shorten throw, with shmups being the main use as stated by the maker himself.

Paradises actuators were made to allow the end user to use non stock switches on a jlf and allow for actuation of the switches to occur. Anyone who has tried d2r-vg switches with a stock actuator will understand the need.

Both actuators serve an entirely different purpose and execute each individual purpose as stated.

Top down shot of stock vs Kowal Vs PAS

SBS shot

Kowal vs stock

PAS vs stock

As you can clearly see, the uses are totally different from each other. Kowals actuator adjusts the contact point between the gate and the actuator while the PAS actuators adjust the contact between the switch and actuator.

Thanks for posting this. I’m anxious to see how this adjustable actuator from PAS will work.

I’ve done this comparison myself with the exception of the Kowal actuator since I have not had a hands on with it and likely never will. The PA actuators are Sanwa in design philosophy and attempt to remain as true to the original JLF actuator as possible as far as design concept is concerned. Kowal’s is more like a LS-32/LS-40 actuator made to fit a JLF, very different design philosophy on how it engages the switches and gate.

Nice comparison. It may not be a 100% controlled scientific experiment but you can clearly see the differences (observation) between each version in comparison to the original and what they’re intended to do by design. The PA actuators keep the JLF shape and make it easier to tweak the size of the lower bell portion since you know what the stock would feel like, making it easier to decide on which to buy. The straight bell portion of Kowal’s means a different engage point not based on being x.x mm larger than the stock since the straight will hit earlier and then taper off as it hits throw, kind of like a logarithmic vs linear volume control.

@moonchilde msg kowal he still sells the actuators i think they are like $10 including shipping. i just got 2 actuators and a short shaft from him.

@sethian0 No reason for me to, I do not have a JLF. To be fair, I also don’t have a set of PAS actuators either, because, I do not have a JLF. LOL. My friend has a set though, and that’s the only reason I had any sort of hands on with them.

Ahhh. You just made it sound like they were out of reach or something so I figured I would pass the info along.

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