"Active Stream List" Malfunction? I certainly hope so

I’ve never even noticed this feature truthfully but the problem is not mine personally. It is the fact that all these streams are listed and there is some a few random ones and Nether Realm streaming as well (to only about 43 viewers if I’m not mistaken). That’s all well and good, but for what is supposed to represent the #1 place for fighting games to not see GameNewton streaming third strike to while not an overwhelming difference but still at least 20 + more viewers than that and several others is both disappointing and doing a disservice to the genre as a whole. It great that there are five SFV streams with at best equal viewership though generally lower overall. To see a classic and great game being simply ignored out of both ignorance and just lack of giving a shit about the game more than likely. This also limits the potential for it to have a shot at grabbing a few new players. I just think it is a bit sad for the site that they are out of touch with actually good games that none of the hollow modern imitations could exist without.

Could you clarify what URL you’re referring to?

If you think a channel should be followed, then go tell @kineda