Active East London FGC

So im pleased to announce the arrival of a new, local, community in London… East London, to be precise.
In addition to the weekly meets, we will eventually run tournaments to help to help circulate that inevitable build up of sodium chloride!
All the details are on the included flyer, so if you’re ever about pop on in!


I’m terrible for not checking this thread often enough! If you would like a quicker response, like within minutes usually, please hit up our twitter @eastlondonFGC or

This sounds dope. I’m going to be in London next Monday and I’ll be in town for a few days. I’m up for coming over for a tourney and casuals. Add me on Facebook at: Jerry Morales

Or email me at:

Let’s connect dude. Definitely looking to play international players on my trip to Spain and London. I’m from California.

This is so odd!

Jerry it was awesome seeing you @ the Secret Weapon today! I guess this teaches me to check SRK a bit more often!

Its a shame most of the crew weren’t there, as i’m sure they would have loved to play against you, but it was still fun to have you down.

You are most certainly welcome anytime.

You have our GTs, dude, stay in touch!

I’ll be there tonight! Northern California player in town for the week

Awesome having u down Alex!

Thanks so much for making an already salty night even more saturated with your OP Chunners lolz!

We really do appreciate those who make the effort to visit our little community, and are proud to call u guys honorary ELFs!

Gonna check this out tonight. Haven’t really been playing SF V yet, just ordered a brook so I won’t have a stick yet

here are some videos from last monday and a little vlog of the place




Thanks for this!

So we have this thing which would be great for anyone in the area:

Registration opens 4th July.

are weeklies still going on? Just got to London and staying for 2 months, currently staying near marble arch, and happy to find some people to play with.
and is there just stuff going on once a week or are there other things as well

Sorry for the late post!

Weeklies are indeed still a thing. Every Monday evening from about 19:00 till closing time.

Marble Arch, to Stratford, is about 35 minutes away on the Central Line and were not far from the station.

There are other communities in London, depending on which day you have free, but at ELF we do weekly tournaments, and casuals on a Monday with special events on a Sunday.

Just don’t play Dead or Alive or you may get a fatwa put on your head…

Ya. No Dead or Alive, dont worry.

So this is also posted in the Tournaments thread.