Action Shots: a Cole Video Thread

Just trying to collect all the videos of Cole I can find that appear to have him playing well, since they seem to be very sparse. If what I post is useless, or bad lemme know: I am a scrub and therefore a horrible judge of what works or not. Just lemme know if something is worth being deleted and feel free to post your own/what you find.

  1. Volzar21 and the Volzar trap:

P.S: I’d like an explanation on what exactly is going on here

  1. koolboyx’s Cole:

  2. A slew of Cole videos from Big_Boss878

P.S Will pick out the best ones later.

I’m currently trying to upload a video worth 38 minutes of endless mode fights with my team where both me and my friend play badly since we’re tired as f*ck but it doesn’t seem to want to upload, even if I can upload over 15 mins videos on youtube :(. I’ll edit this post when I’ll manage to upload it.

Edit: Alright, finally managed to upload it, seems like only WMV movies are accepted by Youtube, not AVI :/. Well it should be up tomorrow morning/after noon I guess, it will take a long time. I’ll edit the post when it’s done.
Edit2: Oh great, it got an error again ugh. Well I’ll have to fix this problem before I’m able to do anything at all.

Edit3: Alright! It works perfectly! Now we’ll just have to wait quite a lot of time since uploading a 38 minutes video takes really long.

Could you break them up maybe? I have no idea how uploading works, sorry.

It’s finally up! Sorry for the sloppy gameplay tho and don’t mind the first match, my friend was just testing out Asuka.


Interesting stuff here

But the damage isn’t really that high for the meter used on any, right? I wonder if there is a way we could minimize the pre-Pandora combo with Cole and get more hits post-pandora with Ogre.

I won’t be able to upload any videos, but in a day or two I should have enough Cole videos on my channel to prove useful viewing for people.

Heck the video at least shows synergy between Cole and Ogre. Not only that but it shows a pandora combo (we could easily get more damages by simply doing, s.hp xx EX shockwave into pandora into xx super from ogre) that might be practical that Jevali found but thought we needed more height.
It also shows something that I’m particularly interested in: that EX amp combo into,, I didn’t know you could do it, I wanna try with HP amp and if it’s possible we might break the 380 max damages without meter.

edit: whoops wrote in the quote lol.

Yeah, it’s a good video, it just needs some fine-tuning.

Here it is!

And here’s the Cole/Ogre CMV! Sorry for the bad editing, I’m still a noob at that D:.
EDIT: Oh fuck, I edited out the maximum damage combo (606 dmgs) and two projectile punishing combos dammiiiiit ;;.
LDSKJFLSKDJ I wanna slap myself .

Aww, have you listed them in the combo topic at least?
I’ll look at the video when I have the time, but lemme tell you that Cole is sweeeet looking with those colors.

Thankfully, I still have the footage. I’ll just upload them separately and put in some silly music lol.

How could you even consider a youtube upload without the silly music?
On a sidenote, I’m busy as all hell the next week or two, but we should find a time to try to play some matches and see if the connection sucks or not. It’d help me out a lot.

…Oookay it seems that for some reason, I cannot take the footage of the max damage at all. I’ll have to record it once more great. Oh well at least the combo wasn’t that hard.

And there, the combos that were missing are now on youtube. Silly music included.

More matches of me against a friendly dude in endless online.

Putting this here, might be interesting.
3.3 Cole hah :).

Here, around 40 mins of Cole gameplay, some of it being sloppy tho.

Adding this here jic, will add annotations if requested.

Nobody will mind me posting here after such a long time amirite?