Action Figure Thread 2.0!

The old action figure thread has a problem with the thread title that I can’t fix, it’s a problem with the vanilla upgrade. So forced to close it to start up this thread!

Unfortunately I don’t have any new figures to start this thread with but um… errr… You can see Marvel’s SDCC action figure exclusives here lol! ^_^:

Ah well if I see anything new I’ll be sure to toss it up here. Feel free to throw up images of your figures like always!

SDCC Spider-Ham bust. WANT!

I don’t normally get into stuff like this aside from looking at pictures of them online but I really want the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Rising figure.

I collect alot of figures myself and have a fair amount of them already on pre-order. I’ll start contributing stuff that I either get and or plan to get from various links and sources.

Most of this is from SDCC so if you already in the know, this is kinda old news but…what the heck right?

-Dragon’s Crown figures in production.

-PrototypeZ has new Capcom brand figures

-Square Enix showed off alot of play-arts kai’s.

-Banda’s SH Figuarts are doing a collaboration with DC/NRS to make Injustice Figures.

Edit: last word in each bullet is a link :tup:

Picked up S.H. Figuarts Son Gokou at a local comics shop the other day. I’m trying to get caught up on this DBZ line since they seem to be getting pricey fast.

Figma Spidey?

I love that Spider-Man! Thanks for sharing!

Figuarts Frieza is in my house right now… somewhere. But it’s a birthday present so I can’t touch it until the. Ah, so anxious!

Iron Man Silver Centurion figure!

Revoltech Alucard (Hellsing)

I WILL own this:

Whoa Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown figure already. That game came out LAST WEEK lol! Nice.

I have a small Gwendolyn statue from Odin Sphere. It costed $250 dollars at the time which is LUDICROUS but I had to have it because dang someone made a Gwendolyin statue. <3

Got my hands on Figuarts Vegeta (Super Saiyan version, obviously):

Made a Hadoken Fireball. Used up all my blue and white paint for the multiple shades but it was worth it.

Nice. Is that Neca SFIV Ryu?

here’s some pics of PAK ken and sakura, courtesy of Jhiaxus from the rangerboard, and from some other board i can’t recall.

click here for a complete review.

and another review on youtube by Anthony’s Customs.



SF fans must buy these IMO.

Got S.H. Figuarts Frieza for my birthday:

Haven’t opened him yet, though, since we’ve been busy moving.

I was looking for this thread for a while now… Thanks for resurrection Sano!

Hot Toys DX Joker 2.0 came in the mail this week!

And another Hot Toys figure I picked up a while ago, Predators: Classic Predator

Hot Toys is an expensive hobby… Especially when getting Transformer Masterpieces as well :frowning:
Luckily there aren’t any currently I want and don’t own :slight_smile:

Joker is just plain awesome in terms sculpt and accessiores.
Predator ain’t no slouch either :slight_smile:

That Joker is SICK!

Agreed. That’s probably the best looking Joker I’ve ever seen.