Acrade Resurgence 1: Gameworks SF4 2v2 team Bi-weekly. Schaumburg, IL 9/20/09

Arcade Resurgence 1: Gameworks Street Fighter 4 2v2 Tournament

Gameworks at the Streets of Woodfield
601 N Martingale Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

        Map and Driving directions: [](

Sunday, September 20th
5:30pm signups
6:30pm start

Tournament Fees:
10$ tournament fee per team
10$ venue fee per team
20$ cost total per team

Tournament Structure:
16 teams
2v2, Single elimination
3/5 rounds per match
1 unique character per team (no Ryu/Ryu, etc.)
Winner stays on format*
*(Team A & B play Team 1 & 2. If Player A plays Player 1 and Player A wins, the next match will be Player A vs Player 2. If player A wins again, his team moves on. If Player 2 wins instead, Player 2 will fight Player B for the final match)

Tournament Prizes:
1st place: 90$ (or 56.25%)
2nd place: 50$ (or 31.25%)
3rd place: 20$ (or 12.5%)

If we end up with fewer than 16 teams (shame on you) then, the prize money will be allocated by percentage.

For the convenience of tournament play, the venue fee will provide:

                         SF4 on free play until close (Midnight)
                         Big screen hooked up to cabinet for easier watching
                         Bar tables and chairs set up around cabinet for additional convenience

Tournament Registration:

Because there is one cabinet, I have capped the teams at 16 to get an estimation of how long a tournament like this will take. If we finish within a couple of hours, and there is sufficient interest, then I plan to add more team slots in the future. Therefore, because there is a cap, team sign ups are encouraged ahead of time. However,If you sign up online, you must be 99.3% sure you both can attend the tournament. If the signups are full, or your team isn’t sure they can make it, sign up for a substitution spot, where you could be added in if there is a no-show.
1.Scottemad123 & Ginz2 (BA/EH)
2.Wired Fenix & MrMan99 (RY/BI)
3.Ottosaurus & SamuraiSaint (EH/EF)
4.Marcus & Lee-K (BI/RU)
5.Flying V & Velius (BA/VI)
6.d0x & PUTIN (RY/ZA)
7.B.Cao & Romel (EF/VE)
8.Dfly & Domingo (BI/RY)
9.Mzo & Darmonde (CH/NOT CH)
10. Team Free (RY/AK)
11. G & Sharktongue (VE/AK)
Substitution spot
Substitution spot

When your team arrives and hands in the 20$ tournament fee, you will draw from a hat of sixteen tokens and your team will be assigned a number. This number will not only be your proof of purchase, but it will be used to determine your opponent. (I will also keep a record of this token, so no switching once you find out what number the 8 year-old and the paraplegic have). When a match starts, each team will hand in their token, with the winner getting theirs back. If you don’t have a token, then you won’t be allowed to play. The token number first round matches will be:

1 vs 16
2 vs 15
3 vs 14
4 vs 13
5 vs 12
6 vs 11
7 vs 10
8 vs 9
This will ensure no bias, no seeding, and pure random allocation.

Since this is single elimination, and technically two 3rd place slots, there will be a 3rd place match between the losers of each semi-final match after the finals have been played.

If there are fewer than 16 teams, there will be a random selection of token number(s) who will recieve a first round bye in the tournament.

Because of the single cabinet, and the simplicity of single elimination and the matchup system, matches will be prepared as soon as the tokens are purchased and matches will be called in rapid succession. There will be 3 matches called at one time: The current match, the match on-deck, and the match in the hole. Therefore, you should have an estimate of when you should be called. To be safe, one member of your team should be near the cabinets. If your team misses your fight call, the next match will go on. If you miss the call again, which is immediately after that next match, you are disqualified. No exceptions.

This is the first in hopefully a series of bi-weekly team tournaments. I look forward to seeing you all there and thank you for your continued enthusiasm.

List your characters to be used when you sign up

Good shit marcus

Scottemad123 (boxer) / Ginz2 ( will be attending as a team, name pending still

Anyone wanna team with me? Jerry/slevin im lookin at you guys

It’s my girlfriends birthday on the 20th, so I will not be attending. Props to setting this up Marcus, and if they’re bi-weekly, I’ll most definitely be there on the 4th.


WHAT? seriously no seeding? I think that’s wrong.

Anyone need a partner (Bison)? I’ve already been vaccinated and am housebroken!

I dont think I can make it to Marcus’s tourny. Good luck with it dude.

Hey, i’m planning on going to GW but i’m wondering…
im 16 and i know about the BS policy at GW after 9 pm for minors. would that also apply after 9 pm for the tourny as well? would suck if i had to leave for that.
also, i’m planning on just watching instead of playing (would embarrass myself lol). so would I just have to pay for the venue fee then?

They’ll kick you out at 9 P.M., tourney or not. They have to, Schaumburg law.

Hope that helps.

  • Mike

Better win quick or lose slow.

Private parties can actually stay late, I’ve witnessed it. Just your have to wear a neon wrist band and gw needs to have a room rented for a lot of money.

I’ve already asked about that. The under 21’s can stay until 1030. If things go well, tournament should end around 9, giving a decent amount of free play casual time.

Also, only players in the tournament have to pay.

Anyone in the city want to give this guy a lift?

Darn, but thats still cool thanks.

Registering my team:

The Arkham Asylum Decorations Committee
Wired Fenix (Ryu)/Mr. Man (Dictator)

what system?


i thought game crazy
but its gameWorks

hey we can go lasertag afterward it just across the street

I wanna sign up, but don’t know if my partner will make it.