Acme SF4AE Cabinets Moved To Tacoma

Just a heads up, the SF4 cab’s have been moved to Narrows Plaza Bowl in Tacoma. They almost went to Dorky’s downtown, but the cabinets are a bit big for there. But anyway, Tacoma now has an AE setup.

Damn! would have been perfect for Dorkys!!! I’ve been bugging Caroline to make you put them there. lol

Glad to have them back home though. :slight_smile: I’ll be there every now and then for some games.

i played this earlier this week. nobody was at the arcade? are people gonna show to this?

With it being an outdated version of the game and with the released of SFxT most people will not be playing this. You should still go and play it though. It’s still a good game and you might run into good people sometimes.

So where are the SSF4 AE 2012 gatherings in Tacoma? The 1st time I ever touched an SF4 game was 4 days ago at this bowling alley

I can’t believe capcom can get away with this! I knew it would happen though forcing arcade owners to keep upgrading and not really caring. Great times back in 08, thanks for buying the original sf4 before Gameworks and making it happen.

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But this is arcade edition arcade machine. Oni sucks!!!

Oni is actually pretty good. Yes, this is only an AE machine. Not an AE 2012 machine which is the latest version. The gatherings in Tacoma have been happening at Dorkys in downtown Tacoma. They will be a regular thing soon.

When/where are the gatherings? Dorky’s?

We are actually having a session tomorrow at the Walker Building in downtown Tacoma. One of the local BB players is having people over for some SFxT and Marvel 3 if you want to come.

They have the MVC2 and SFIICE cabs right next t each other at Dorky’s. Also they have an SSFIVAE 2012 and a Japanese SSFIIT cabs at the B&I arcade. Both arcades are in Tacoma

They moved this game to the B&I and also moved a Japanese SSFIIT Grandmaster Challenge to the B&I as well!!!
EDIT: Oh, I already posted this LOL