Accidental cross overs

Total Marvel noob here.

The team I’ve settled on for now is Spider-Man, Doom, Akuma

I find that during the air portion of Doom’s combos (Not SM or Akuma’s), I’ll often tag in another character by accident. I’m sure this has to do with his foot dive input.

All I’d like to know is the input for the tag, so I know what to avoid doing during his combos.

When doing an air combo you press S and a direction. Your still holding forward when you are chaining his Footdive into S.

Thanks mayne

One more question, it seems I can only tag in the character in the A1 slot? How can I tag in A2, if possible?

You can only tag in your next character. Do another tag to tag in your second character. This may look like an effective tactic but these can be countered so use them only when you need to.