Absolutely broken: walk forward while holding charge (Both Threads now MERGED)


Completely ridiculous. Game needs to be patched immediately.

Oh my God.

interesting :coffee:

whoa mama

Tried it. Doesn’t seem practical.

I’d say it’s pretty practical if you’re willing to hold the controller all fucked up. Guile’s corner pressure is insane while using this.

Doesn’t work at all with down charges though, and only works on the left side. It could have been worse.

That’s what people said about the rom inifinite. This may very well be exploited, and it raises a whole host of other questions. If it wasn’t 3:14 A.M. I’d turn on the game and run all sorts of tests.

I’m on a bit of sleep medication right now, and I gotta say, Higher-Jin, that your avatar seems much cooler in this state. Absolutely mesmerizing…

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Edit: Wow, don’t peruse internet forums while half awake. Or you end posting shit like this. Wow.

How to beat it? Throw them to the right.

That, and it should be pretty predictable if you see someone do a super motion and start walking forward. I call it Chun Li syndrome, and it’s pretty easy to adjust your game to.

They’re also handicapping themselves by playing on a pad while holding it with opposable thumbs. You can also rush down guys who do this. I tend to rush down Boxer players who charge TAP too long. It’s hard to reverse when your hand is shaped like a pretzel.

Does this work in classic mode, too? Can vega walk forward with a stored flip kick?

yes and yes

roffles @ beta testing + SRK breaking games

My hand isn’t a pretzel when I am charging TAP, and you’d also have no idea that a good player was charging a big tap if they’re low rushing and throwing you.

So just ban pads at tournaments, easy enough.

its what we do baby:lovin:

That seems a little reactionary. No one that I know of uses the analog sticks to play Street Fighter anyways… and because of the way the controller has to be held to pull this off, it would be SUPER EASY for anyone to detect anyways. No need to ban pad players.

I’m just wondering when/if backbone is going to make a statement about any of this stuff. There’s enough (and serious enough bugs) here that the game should be patched. Life bar bug, music bug, vega disconnect, walking charge, inescapable raging demon, the list goes on.

A person with average electronics skills who knows how the controller sends data to the console can make a new controller PCB so that the left, central and right analog stick directions are mapped to single buttons. It is simple for any technician or engineer. But the same can be done for buttons on a stick controller. However, it is harder for a player on a stick to keep a button pressed without anyone noticing it.

Edit: I do not mean I would advise people who run tournaments to ban pads, or anything. Such a decision would demand more discussion. I just wanted to point something out that is very clear for an engineer (which I am).

Backbone Rules ! :lol:

And what beta testing, everyone was worried about Fielong and T.Hawk…and most importantly keeping Vanilla ST’s top and broken still top and almost broken !

I say send this game to developers in Japan and let it be beta tested by Real testers/debuggers, also the Japanese have better PS3 Devs, US Devs sold their souls to 360/MS doubt we’ll see any good PS3 coding soon.

This doesn’t seem very practical. Probably a handicap in 99% of situations since you’re hands are tied up on both the analog and d-pad. Not to mention you’re still using a shitty pad instead of a stick. Be nice if we could get a patch though… mostly for the other stuff like the health bars, music etc.