**Absolute Battle - Dallas Bar Fights @ The Londoner! April 10th, 2010

**Dallas Bar Fights @ The Londoner! April 10th, 2010 (Street Fighter IV & Tekken 6)

This is a 2v2 Team Tournament Event!

– Games Hosted / Schedule
The Tournament will run from 2:00pm 10:00pm
Street Fighter IV (2v2 Teams) 2:oopm
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (2v2 Teams) 3:00pm

**NOTE: All Street Fighter IV will be run on XBOX 360 and All Tekken 6 will be run on PlayStation 3

– Rules

  • Dont act stupid.
  • Do not consume or even try to consume alcohol if you are under 21 years old.
  • No game breaking glitches allowed that will prevent the match to finish.
  • Teams will be King Of Fighters/Pokemon style. If the first team mate loses, the second one takes over. If the second team mate loses, you and your team will be placed in the Losers Bracket. If you lose again in that bracket, then you are out of the tournament.
  • You are not allowed to have 2 of the same characters in a team.
  • Once you have selected your character in teams, you must stick with that character the entire tournament.

– Location
You can click the link below for driving directions.
The Londoner Pub 14930 Midway Rd Addison, TX 75001

– Registration Cost
Registration is all done in person.
*Venue Fee: $5.00
*To Enter Each Game: $10.00 per team

Top 3 are awarded cash prize, split is the usual 70/20/10.

– Hope to see you there! This the last SFIV tournament before SSFIV, check back for any updates! Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like entering the event, we invite you to just show up, grab some food and a few drinks, and watch the event.

For more info visit: www.digitalko.net

omg i love beer i love street fighter i love dallass (spelling?) hahahaha the londoner where we can live like gentlemen and drink like gentlemen

and use the word mate

Hmmm London(er)…gentlemen…sounds like somebody needs to cosplay as Dudley.


I love Dallas

Yo JD are you coming up for the tourney?

I checked out the place last night. Had some food and brew. Legit location and nice warm feel. Food is good too BTW.

Tourney will be hype!

any out of town people coming to this one?

I’ll team up with Mopreme again if he doesn’t have a teammate. :rolleyes:

Ah need a pahtna.

corpus will try and make it, not sure on the partner situation

hmmmmmmm maybe i will try to go to this since i will not be going to Final Round

hope you can make it.

Team White Guys feels discriminated against. These rules are racist.

yes alcohol + white guys= stupid behavior


Bump for less than a month away.

another bump.

3S side tourney if people are down.

I will be there if 3s will be there.


Me and my teammate are coming to Dallas for SFIV. Direct from the Lubbock/West Tx Panhandle region!