? about using milk crates for stick stand

so i read somewhere on here once that putting a stick on a milk crate and tie it down with a bungee cord is a cheap good idea for a stand.

if i use just 1 crate it works sweet , doesnt move at all. however if i feel like standing while playing and i stack up 3 crates then its kinda like a shaky unstable tower.

anyone know of any ideas to keep the crates steady when i stack 3 of em ?
any method i can use to weigh it down more or sumthing ?

Im sure u have books or phone books lying around. Anything heavy. Bricks old computers…whatever dawg.

hmmm its funny when u try to overthink such a simple solution sometimes haha

so ya thx metrock , a bunch of heavy books and mags fixed this shit

I wanted to be able to stand up and play confortably to simulate playing in the arcade, so I built a pretty elaborate stand that I ended up attaching to my waist with straps. In the end, it worked pretty close to what I wanted, but couldn’t replicate an arcade-type feel.

After many different design ideas, I came up with what I feel is the most reliable way to hold my stick. I built a wooden aparatus that could best be described as the star ship enterprise: there is a flat square/rectangular board that I sit on, at the end there is a short, ~6 inch post, then another board attached on top of that where the joystick rests. Since I sit on the bottom board, it is absolutely stable, and I can adjust the height and angle of the joystick by varying the size and shape of the post that connects the 2 boards. It’s an extremely simple design, yet I’ve found it the most effective, and I’m pretty picky about these types of things. I should get my camera working again to post some pics I guess…

using two milk crates and use bungee cords to hold down the stick is the tried and true florida/miami style (dont know if miami as a town or florida as a whole claimed it but its definitely from that area)

Shiet man when i got my first mas way back in the day I used everthing to keep it from moving around including rope and or bungee along with the wighted crates. i wouldnt say that its from that area. There are GHETTO people all over the USA brotha. Seriously tho theres no point in arguing who did it first since we all love to play marvel rite?

I would use 2 crates for a seated postition and 3 for standing.

I just put my stick on my lap and play…

…My custom stick is a modified SF:AC BTW. So the casing is fairly large & stable.

yea the AC stick is in the same realm as a MAS stick in terms of weight and size and the bungie cord+milk box trick works well period.

as for standing…no clue

The SF:AC casing is surprisingly light, IMO. From pics it looked like it would be 2-3 times heavier.

Has anyone built a stick out of a milk crate?

You’re such a genius dawg. :rofl:

With great knowledge comes great powur. How did I know you would find me hear.