About to purchase a 1TB External Hard Drive

I’m using it for video editing. Any (affordable) suggestions?

Why would you need a 1 TB external for video editing?

Why not internal?

Maybe he’s using a laptop.


Well even at that, having the video on the external while he’s editing would be awfully slow.

What if hes connected through firewire 400 or 800? Would it be okay? (I’m wondering about getting one as well)

Simple Tech’s Simple Drive w/ fabrik ultimate backup.

looks sleek, can be stored upright or on it’s side, and is stackable if you need lots of memory for backups and whatnot at work. :slight_smile:

Love this external hd. <3

my external, though not as cheap as some of the standalones, i wanted to take as little of a performance hit as possible:

rosewill enclosure

wd 1tb drive

^lol, good luck dodging that left hook by the USB 2.0 speed cap.

edit: jk, I guess you’re using eSATA right?

Personally, I don’t own an editing system, but my school does have Mac lab setups for 24hrs. I wanted to take advantage of that. Although, I’m not too familiar with external hard drives, but my research tells me that a good cache buffer is important.

Is 16MB buffer something to shoot for?

**Blythe - ** That thing looks huge. lol. Any problems carrying that thing around?

yeah haha

I’ve always used “external” internal HDDs. I just pop open the computer that I wanna use and plug it in and leave it on the desk. Cheaper and unless they don’t let you pop open the computers, it’s not much of a hassle. Plus you get SATA ftw.

The only problem I see with an external drive is that if you’re going to do some video editing directly onto the drive, technically speaking, the editing will be slower than if it was on the desktop itself.

Slow by how much? it will mostly depend on the medium the external is on (USB, firewire, eSata).

Im assuming you wont be doing that and that you’ll be moving your video files onto the Mac’s hard drive before you do some editing, which in that case, any 1 TB external will do.

Thats pretty cool but what if your friend has a laptop? :cool:

If you’re using firewire 800 speed won’t take a big hit.

Thanks LuckyDay! Thats what I needed to know!

And lol, you must really like that 3 Amigos movie.


though they are quite expensive… however, they claim to be great for video editing

Yes…yes I do.

If you’re working on Macs, you should look into getting a FireWire hard drive enclosure. Any desktop Mac should have FireWire 800 and it’s probably the best solution that doesn’t compromise performance. This might be a bit more expensive than what you’re looking for though.

As for the actual hard drive itself, going with something with a large cache isn’t a bad guideline. Just don’t get a shitty brand like Maxtor or something.

ahah. it’s not as big as it looks in the photo. its just about 2 inches longer than your average classes case. Wont take up much room in a backpack, but I wouldn’t carry it on its own. Then again, I never do that with any form of electronics besides an ipod and cellphone.