About To Open An Arcade

And I’m trying to find a few good cabinet/game retailers out there, but I’m here for something specific…

I was wondering if anyone can point me to a solid, trustworthy place to buy some SSF4 Vewlix cabinets. Preferably dedicated ones, with all the software and hardware I need.

Seems like it’ll be less of a headache that way, as all I can find at the moment are WILDLY different prices for the PCBs, or the cabs separately. Any help is appreciated.

Last I checked, a full cabinet with AE is like an estimate $9,000 before freight charges. You might be able to get away with something slightly cheaper but you are not going to spend that little.

Just get yourself some nice lagless TVs, consoles, air conditioning and a good atmosphere IMO.

^^ What he said.

A Taito Type X2 2-player SSFIV board/PC will cost a minimum of 4.5k alone not including the two 1-player cabs or one 2-player cab.

I plan on picking up two Kraylix Slim cabs for SSFIVAE in the next year. I advise you to do the same unless you have a BIGGG budget.


http://www.kraylixarcade.com/ for when you can get your cabinets.

Yeah, those Kraylix setups are not bad either, but you’re still spending a significant amount for these things when you factor in extra TV and speakers, painting the stuff. I’m not sure if they commission paint jobs or not but it’s a lot of $$$. Though on that note, if I was going to do an arcade spot, I’d like to have a head to head setup for some authenticity with those Kraylixes lol

Yeah you’re looking at a couple grand at least to get those running. But if you’re seriously considering getting a authentic cabinet for SSF4, you’d have to consider 2 Kraylix’s at still being cheaper than 1 cabinet before even being shipped to the U.S. You have the trade off of authenticity for being able to swap games on the machine, which would be a better plan business wise IMO.

I totally agree with getting nice CRT’s (you’d be shocked at how cheap you can find Sony WEGA CRT monitors on craigslist) over the aformentioned, but if you have the coin to do so eventually, at least consider the Kraylix.

It’s also worth looking into Chinese clone cabs. You’ll get a significant discount over the normal branded cabs.

Head to head setup with an HDMI splitter over 1 console and the cabinets running digital signage as monitors.

As for the chinese clone cabs, we have a few at our arcade and i swear that they lag a smidge because of the monitor choice.
Also note that the original vewlix cabs also have a monitor that lags a smidge too

You can purchase Vewlix Fs (the official cabinet for SF4) from any number of Asian distributors. An easy one is CoinOpExpress since they have experience dealing with Americans.


Used Vewlix F will run in the $3500 to $4000 range and new ones in the $6000 range (exchange rate is bad right now). And no, they do not lag at all. The Vewlix L is the only one that lags, but that is not the official SF4 cabinet (and it is no longer in production due to complaints within Japan).

You have two options for shipping: arrange shipping yourself in a shared container (minimum is 20 feet). This will take you a long time to arrange and not be cost-efficient. If you bought a pair of cabinets for example, your cargo would only take up about 10% of the container but you’d still be paying at least $1,000 in shipping charges. If you fill up a 20 foot container yourself, you’ll pay around $3,500 total shipped to door and you can fill the other 90% of space with other cabinets/accessories/group sale/whatever.

You do not need the official cabinet to run SF4; any cabinet wired for JVS is adequate. If you don’t know what that means, you have a lot of research to do before you make any purchases or open your shop.

SSF4:AE 2012 runs on Taito X2 hardware. You can pick up Taito X2s for around $600 - $700 used and you can probably get AE 2012 for around $2,000 per kit now (you need one for each machine). There is also a 2-player version that will work on one cabinet that you can probably get for around the same price. Again, CoinOpExpress.com can help you with this.

In the future I would not recommend asking any questions about cabinets on SRK, go to a site where the userbase is knowledgeable such as arcadeotaku.com.

In my personal opinion, console setups will never perform as well as the official arcade version of a game in a commercial environment. Console setups will only be played by hardcore players (the ones who visit sites like SRK) whereas arcade games will get play from walk-in customers just trying to have a good time. If you’re doing it right, this will be a good chunk of your business and console setups will cut that out.

Good luck in your venture!