About the smaller buttons on the VSHG

I was wondering, what can I replace the smaller VSHG buttons with? I’d like to replace those 4, but am not sure of the size/manufacturer.

I’m just guessing by eye, but you could probably pop those buttons out and fit some Sanwa SDM-18s in there. It would probably take some slight dremeling at most to get them in if they’re too big.

Why do you need to replace them? If you don’t like the color just use vinyl die for it. It’s going to be too much of a pain to try to get those smaller sanwa buttons in there even with a dremel plus you also have to remember that the amount of space between each button is small so you could only do so much with the dremel.

I guess vinyl dye would work. I want to redo it with art of Vanessa from KoF. I just want to make sure that the red I would use would match properly with the buttons.

Maybe I’ll dye them white instead.


The Extra buttons on the VSHG are totally proprietary and have their own dedicated PCB. Like a pad they have those rubber pads underneath that activate the switch. You can’t swap them out with anything on the market… Or if you find some way to do it I’d absolutely love to know. :smiley:

As far as dying them, you can only dye something darker than it already is. You could dye them red but it would probably come out more of an orange. You can use Krylon Fusion paint to paint them white but you can’t dye them white or any lighter color. Good Luck with your project!!