About the SBO '08 "live" stream

There is a feed this year. IT IS NOT A 100% LIVE FEED. There are a few live matches here and there(usually what they consider exciting enough to air out of all the matches in that event playing at the time), interspersed with great matches from past SBOs and other goodies.

The general schedule for the games is located at the top of this and the following page. Use Google Translate/Babelfish/Perapera-kun(In-line Translator Addon for Firefox users, dictionary file needed, link included) to find your game of choice so you’re not on at the wrong time.


Click on the link that says “Launch Windows Media Player”, which will lead you to the page quoted below:

Once you get to that page, WAIT. It may take a few minutes for the install window to pop up. From there it’s simple.

SAVE THE PROG TO YOUR HD. When you are ready to watch just run it. No other special steps.


  1. ** It only works in IE. I don’t know why. Just use it.**
  2. DON’T FUCKING UPLOAD ANYTHING FROM THE STREAM TO ANY OTHER SITES. I don’t care if you record, but for the love of god don’t be the one to fuck this up for everyone by ULing parts of the stream.
  3. Be courteous, free up your UL and don’t use other p2p shit while you stream this.
  4. Chances are if they get fucked again there WILL NOT BE ANY STREAM NEXT YEAR.


Whilst my Japanese sucks, it seems to me that the message is saying the exact opposite – there will be no live stream like last year. It even says that in the first sentence.


Yeah, it’s saying they have** no** plans to broadcast live.



Basically the organisers said that not only did the experimental live stream cost a lot of money/bandwidth (since it was hugely popular last year), it also provided something of a disincentive for people to not attend the event in person – thus leading to a drop in ticket sales.

However, it appears that we should “stay tuned” for an update on 12th August (tuesday) regarding the live stream situation (?)

That’s my best attempt at summarising the message with my weak-ass Japanese skills. Anyone fluent/semi-fluent care to help?

a friend of mine confirm what i’ve stated:

‘all it says is like there will be live streaming and they will release the schedule tuesday’


Oooooh! TvC in SBO.

But yeah, it sucks if there won’t be any streams. =/

My japanese is also very bad, but it sounds like they are saying they’d rather you come to the event in person and that there will not be a live stream. Some of the phrasing confuses me though, so I can’t be certain, but he goes on about how the experience online isn’t like being there.

they should make japs pay for the stream and let everyone else watch it for free

edit - Srider in #vfhome said it’s basically saying that there will be coverage of some sort, but not the actual entire tournament.

So basically there’s going to be interviews, etc. and reports on results. MAYBE they will show some matches, but definitely not the finals or anything that will hurt DVD sales or convince locals not to attend.

My (Japanese) girlfriend gave me a rough translation. She said that there will be a live stream, but the content will differ from last year. In particular they want to make the program more accessible to people not familiar with the fighting game scene. So they will have more description of what is going on for noobs. I get the impression that there will also be certain things missing from the stream to encourage people to go to the live event, but I’m not exactly clear what will be streamed in the end. To find out we have to listen to the next announcement which is apparently later today.

?Last year, we managed to get up an experimental live stream, but this year there are no plans for an identical live stream.

?However, there are plans to continue prompt reporting and quick dissemination of the things that go on at the fighting game tournament that is T?geki.

?For that reason, other than the reporting from Arcadia Mobile, there are plans for a news program concerning T?geki to be distributed on the Internet. This is very different from last year?s live stream; the many matches will not be something we could say to be relayed in a real-time fashion. Till the very end, for the three days of 15?17 August, there will be a program that keeps pace with T?geki ?08 Final at Differ Ariake Arena; there are plans to do a live broadcast from the grounds, but we not be showing you the matches that do not mean very much.?

The rest is three paragraphs saying ?NO LIVE STREAM. COME HERE; IT?S AWESOME IN PERSON.?

So to sum it up: no live stream. Just some special ?programs? for the finals. The schedule for those will be up on the 12th (so basically later today if you live in the U.S.).

That sux :sad:

IMO its better than nothing at all…last years live stream being expensive RLY payed off though…it was SOOOO hyped but oh well i cant wait for SBO :tup:

actually a link show up this morning


there will be a live feed but the content may be different from last year’s

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Just a heads up, they suggest you download the special player in advance, rather than wait to the day of the events as traffic may make it difficult. Don’t worry the whole installation is in english.

Read the first post and note the time it was changed.

yep i just posted withoout looking at the first post :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh another note, you have to use Internet Explorer the player won’t work with Firefox.

You’re kinda late to the party. I’ll hook ya up tho.

geez, summer makes my brain melt. Can you please sticky the part about freeing up upload bandwith in the first post though? It’s gonna be extremely helpful to everyone