About SA III

While they are getting hit by SA III can I like hit them with say:
Crouching MK–>QCB+HK/something
Is that possible?

Um… I think the only time you’re really ever gonna be able to hit them while SA3 is out is while they are parrying point-blank. If that’s the case, feel free to attack them to mess up their parrying. Otherwise, I think that it’s impossible to hit them.

But I could be wrong. Anyone wanna confirm (I’m too lazy to boot up my ps2)?

that combo works while they are getting hit by the denjin only after they’ve parried the first few hits of it (2 or 3 can’t recall). Ryu recovers “faster” because of their parry.

So you CAN’T hit them while the Denjin is stunning them right? My PS2’s busted ATM so I can’t test this in which case I just wanna check.

no you can’t


Well here’s one more question: Can it stun an already stunned opponent?

Well yes but wont work on anyone that have the same length as Dudley stun bar (Dudley, Urien, Gill, Hugo, Alex, Q etc)

I got a few questions for fellow saIII users.

Which set ups do you tend to use the most?
Something I haven’t quite mastered is playing ryu without a healthy stock of red fireballs. How do you compensate for his all purpose magical knockdown move?

Backward throw, into corner, then jab hadou xx denjin is my most used… Or anything else that gets them into the corner with you recovering first.

…I don’t play Ryu a lot, though.

I guess Frankie 3S would be the best person to ask