Abilene TX...

Where R U!?

no one here plays? im hoping to start having tournaments here. SO WAKE UP!

Going to start setting up tournaments at Abilene’s PlayNTrade store… If you are interested pls respond… Looking for serious players only. PM me

Wow… I used to live in Abilene… I definitely would be playing with you if I was still there. If I were you, I’d try to check into the 3 colleges plus CJC. Maybe try putting some fliers up on those campuses to get fellow gamer’s attention. (Colleges usually have some fighting game players that are decent).

Its been a while since I’ve been back home… Where is this Play N trade place at? Man I remember the last time I was back, Abilene had changed so much. South 14th by Hastings and Abuelos was all different (traffic lights added that were not there before). I wonder what is in the out of business Circuit City store…

yeah it is all different. the play n trade is right behind where the olive garden is next to carmike cinemas, where dollar tree and cotton patch are. I didnt even think about the colleges but i know it’ll be easy money. no one takes anything down here seriously and i’m not even that great. hopefully there will be some sort of tournament that gamestop will be having highly unlikely anyways I will try to keep this thread alive for those who will join in the future and those that just havent seen this.

Sorry if I am reviving a dead thread, but is there anyone in Abilene that still plays?

I am from San Angelo and ill come through and run some local games of AE with you. What games do you play and whats your gamer tag? I play on the 360 so hit me up. It seems like any body who hit up forums about west texas gets redirected the the lubbock thread. Let run some games soon and get our area toghther since we are only 1hr away from each other.

Where are you is the question! You are signed as a guest what is your GT on Xbox and or PS3. We can set something up locally and get down.

There are some very good players in Odessa. If anyone is serious about putting something together, at least 4 of us will drive to abilene/san angelo on just about any weekend, just shoot me a text 432-664-0191 and tell me who you are. Just give us like a week notice and we’ll be there. Also, i can call some people in lubbock too and ask them to join us, ya just gotta let me know.

Hey… I know no one is in this thread. but I’ve got some free time.

Tournament going down in Midland November 15. Check the Mid-Cities thread for in the following days for more info!

Im looking for anyone in Abilene or close by who runs any UMVC3 tournaments. This thread needs life!

Anybody play here still?

Interesting. I lived in Abilene 15 years ago for 8 years stent. Is the arcade still in the mall? :frowning: - I spent most my life in that arcade.

Im here… was in some sort of limbo and I was unable to log in until I mailed admin. Im still in Abilene although the few years of not really practicing has definitely dulled my skill. :confused:

PSN-ConQueso325 XBL-Young Cheezy325

Does anyone know of any Abilene UMvC3 scenes? PSN- magic777 I play an extremely unorthodox team of purely my favorite characters. Tron/point Shuma/assist & Felecia/anchor. I’m near PlayNTrade.

Game Center will be hosting a ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3

There is a $5 entry fee please come into the store and
sign up

1st place gets cash prize and a ps3 arcade fightstick

2nd place gets a copy of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for ps3

phone 806-317-1361

January 4th 6:30pm

what is game center? where is it? forgot to add that detail

a place that sells game and it is in lubbock

we retro games like nes snes ect…

address is 3434 34th suite B