Abel technology?

I hear the phrase in some of the AI ranbats. Is there a backstory to it? or is it just a random phrase? Always interested me.

That being said, I found that Abel Technology is the name of a pharmaceutical company.


Also I found this Abel Technology T-shirt!


What the hell!? A site that lets you create shirts?

crawls out from under rock

Looks like I found myself a good time killer and bookmark.

There’s actually at least one site that lets you create T-shirt designs which they then sell and pay you a commission if your design is selling. I’m not sure on the name of the site though (it could even be the one linked above), but my brother uses it a lot, I’ll ask him when he’s awake.

The story behind Abel technology is from a Youtube vid of an Abel player (forgot who) who used jumping short a lot and the commentators started calling Abel’s jumping short “Abel technology” because he kept lucking out (probably) and beating things that he probably would have lost to using ‘standard’ Abel tactics. Again I’m not much use in knowing where the video is, but one of my friends has it favorited and I can ask him about it tomorrow.

Thats pretty sweet how you can customize other shit there other than just shirts, haven’t seen a site with that before…

I’m pretty sure the site Avarice is thinking of is threadless.com

If you could post the link up that would be great.

Cafepress.com lets you put whatever you want up.

Threadless.com only puts up designs of their choosing (after the community votes on them) and you only get paid for the initial print and then future reprints, not commission.

Abel Technology is a great slogan.

pretty sure the term abel technology is just a play on the song title AYO Technology by 50 Cent. you’d have to ask sanchez though but that is my best guess.

ive heard gootecks say it before while commentating a match on BustaBust.

I seen the same shit happen to Kane
Three cuts in your eyebrow… tryna wil’ out

Just asked my brother, it’s redbubble.com

As for the Youtube video, my friend who showed me the video hasn’t been online all day… I’ll post the link as soon as I can get it from him.


Gootecks says it at 2:34

I’ve always assumed it just meant that Abel has the tools to just do a bunch of crazy shit at any given time.

I’m gonna assume its just advancing the awareness and sickness that is Abel.