Abel sucks!

all his specials are crap. man i only wanted to play him cause of juice but nahh now im over it. well anyways back sagat…

not worth clicking.

reel smart indeed.

Move along people nothing to see here… DONT FEED THE TROLL!

Aw now I feel bad

No, Abel rocks! You suck!

you bastard, now u made juicebox feel bad!!!

Hey you dont say that

cool story, bro

What the hell man? I mean, not everyone has to love Abel, but saying something like that, it’s just hurtful…Why you gotta be like that?

I’m going to feel stupid making a serious post in a retarded thread, but I owe it to the community. I used to complain about Abel and there’s even proof in some of the threads where I just go around bitching about him.

I’ve learned some things in the past few days. First of all, yes, Abel is hard to play uber-affectively. But guess what? That’s why Abel players are Abel players. If they wanted the easy way out, they’d just pick Ryu or something. If you’re going to play Abel it’s because you enjoy the challenge and his playstyle. Everything he does is risky but that’s why everytime you look at the other guy you do 300+ damage to him. High risk/High reward is the name of the game.

Playing Abel means you have to make something out of nothing, and if you’re not willing to do that, go pick Sagat or something.

ugh, Shiros Abel is able to beat Daigos Ryu… enough said.

Fucking thread SUCKS!


good shit on spelling being wrong. :wgrin:

good shit on earning an infraction. :wgrin: