Abel console challenges

i’m having issues doing his focus attack into tornado throw. when i hold down the fa the opponent will crumple and the throw will miss high. i can’t however do a quick fa and cancel into the tornado throw. any tips?

i figure this thread can be a general help thread for all his challenges?

hold the FA attack and then dash(forward, forward) then tornado throw

In the same note, how do you do the “Focus attack, [Crouch] Heavy punch, Soulless” combo? i can get the focus dash forward heavy punch, but the ultimate combo always misses, what am i missing?

Make sure you’re doing a crouching HP then wait a second, then do the ultra. If you do the ultra too early, you’ll miss the opponent as he’s falling to the ground.

Okay so it’s all just a timing thing? cause i’ve waited a moment and seemed to miss by hitting it too late…sounds like it’s blister making time :frowning: lol

its a timing thing. when u do cr.fp wait til your opponent is just about to start falling (or right before they reach their peak) then ultra.

for a visual clue if you do it right as the opponents body is at the same height as the top of Abel’s head you should be fine

ive been stuck on:
>jump m.k
>heavy p.
>change of direction

is the heavy p. suppose to land twice or can i cancel it some how?

cancel after the first hit of the fierce punch.

I’ve been having the hardest time focus canceling into cr.fp. That cr.fp never connects. I’ve been trying to perfect the timing of this combo for the past hour and a half. Even mashed the cr.fp to no end at one point, and nothing. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using a regular 360 pad or what.

cr.mp>light rekka>focus cancel>cr.hp is what i’m trying to do btw. I’m never giving up though, but that cr.hp is killing me. perhaps it is the 360 controller? maybe invest in a fighting pad.

I actually find Abel and Gief fairly easy to play on cosole with the regular controllers. Then again it might just be the amount of scrubs I’m facing that are just dying to throws. I finally mastered FADC with Abel at the arcade but haven’t been able to replicate it well on the PS3 Controller. If anything throws are easier on the controller but simple 2 hit combos become a pain for me to pull off.

Any advice for Fkick dash Hpunch Change of direction?

practice. thats all you can really do, your having trouble with the timing of the combo.

Yeah bassically, i seem to get the heavy punch to land 1 out of 100 tries, i keep thinking to myself if this is really that hard to pull off am i ever going to use it?

For some reason it’s a bit easier for me to do forward + FK > dash > FP than it is to do FADC > cr.FP. I kinda know the timing for the first one but the 2nd one only worked maybe once or twice. Strange considering they are both dashes before the FP.

I’m actually having trouble doing the level 3 normal trial :frowning: can anyone give me some tips? I am having trouble doing hp->change of direction. should i be doing the close 2-hit hp or the far hp? ive tried both and cant get it to work. Is this a chain combo or a link combo? Do i just have bad timing? should i be inputting my qcf+hp while the hp is coming out, or after it hits? etc… any tips are appreciated.

do the close hp and cancel after the first hit.


i cant ever hit the last hp =(

2nd one in the 4th Trial IIRC
Jumping HP into crouching HP
Light change of direction - super
do you do all the hits on change? just 1 or 2?