A3 ROM Unlocks on nFBA

I was trying to play some dramatic battle games with a friend, but the ROM doesn’t have any of the battle modes unlocked. Is there any way to fix this?

It’s definitively possible but I don’t remember the exact sequence. However here is what I found on a faq, should be reliable

Hold LK + MK + HK, then press Start. Keep holding those buttons at
Player Select Screen for a moment. You’ll fight a 2 on 1 battle for
6 rounds, in which you face two CPU-controlled opponents. I assume
that if a second person joins in, then it’s you and him/her against
one CPU-controlled opponent.

That’s not what I meant. The arcade version of A3 doesn’t have the battle modes time-unlocked by default. Normally you have to leave the machine on for about a month before that happens. I’m wondering if there’s some way to force it to unlock everything right away. When you play the game in MAME, everything’s unlocked by default.

iirc ggpo has it unlocked with its savestate

My friend doesn’t really play fighters, and he’s fairly computer illiterate, so it’d be a pain walking him through the GGPO process when he doesn’t really care to begin with. Any way to do it without using GGPO?

then use mame.

Blargh, the delay on FBA is so much better though. If it’s my absolute last resort, I will, but there’s gotta be some way.

There are codes to unlock everything right away from the dipswitch menu.


while there are codes to unlock time release stuff thru the input dipswitch menu. it requires both players to enter codes. each code requires inputs from both players. good fucking luck ever trying to complete a code online. requires too much coordination/timing/memorization between the 2 players.

That code worked fine offline, and I could even save it to ini so that it was permanent, but it didn’t carry over online.