A3 Gen basics

This has most likely been covered (years ago), however, rather than sifting through the archives I will appeal to fine members of SRK for some assistance. My local arcade just got alpha 3 back, and I’ve been trying to get back into it. My main character was Gen. I remember J Chensor posting a faq a few years back about kara cancelling off of hunter chains that ended in fierecs or roundhouses. Can someone kindly tell me how this is done and also for Gen specifically, how do you do the uppercut kick twice before the opponent has landed. I’ve been trying to do that combo for the longest time and still can’t get it.:mad:If any one has any knowledge on Gen combos and kara cancelling for sfa3 I would greatly appreciate it.:smile:


Given the title of the thread I feel I should probably point out that this is a fairly advanced tactic, and not basic. It’s not even that useful.

Learn how to use both styles one at a time, because it’s important to be able to switch back and forth.

You can change styles at any point during the round- when knocked down, dizzy, while jumping or attacking, even during the “Round 1, Fight” screens and during a KO, before you do your win pose.

You don’t have to change styles to do an air recovery (flip) or ground recovery (ground roll); Gen’s stance changes are 3P and 3K, whereas the air recovery and ground recovery are 2P and 2K.

In punch style (P+P+P)
-Combos to the rush super (qcfx2+p) aren’t too hard and you can chain tinto them. Level 1 version gives you less leeway to combo. After the super connects, you can attack or a quick air throw or whatever, but they are able to air recover. If they do, you can try to land a jumping throw, etc.
-Crouching hard punch is a good move, and good against jumps.
-The waterfall kick (f, d, d/f+k) doesn’t have as much invulnerability as a Shoryuken, but still beats most jump attacks. You keep hitting the same kick button to add extra hits, and if you stop the hits early, you land at the perfect distance for a crossup jumping attack while they’re knocked down.
-The TOD super (qcbx2+P) does good damage, but the damage stops if you are hit or thrown. If not, they become dizzy after 10 seconds in addition to taking the damage.
-Jumping medium kick is the crossup attack in PPP.

In kick style (K+K+K)
-Crouching hard kick is good vs jumping attacks, and if they don’t air recover you can do the stomp super (qcfx2+K). The Stomp super can also grab people when they can’t be hit; if you do a crouching hard kick vs a jump and it isn’t a Counter Hit, you can still do the level 3 stomp super even though and catch them out of the auto-flip they do when hit out of the air by non-knockdown moves. You can also do a throw into the stomp super in the corner, and it will work even if they tech. hit the throw.
-Standing medium punch is an overhead attack and must be blocked standing.
-The middle part of roll move (charge back, f+P) goes under fireballs if you use the hard punch version. If you’re sure they’ll throw one I’d suggest you do a jumping attack instead, but it’s good to know otherwise.
-The wall bounce move allows you to attack at various angles from either side of the screen or the middle (top), or lets you bounce off of the wall/ceiling without attacking, depending on the commands you enter.
-Jumping heavy punch beats a lot of attacks, both in the air and against standing attacks.
-Jumping medium kick is the crossup move in kick style also, though is harder to combo after.
-Crouching hard punch will do double damage if you land it on a Counter Hit (meaning, if you hit them out of an attack), but you’ll take double damage if you get hit out of it.
-The air super (qcbx2+k) can be used vs fireballs, anti-air attacks etc, but will generally lose to shoryukens. You can combo two hits from the super if your back is to the corner and the opponent is close enough, and like with the regular version of the wall bounce move, you can control your angles to some degree. I might reccomend you only use the level 1 version of this super move, if you chose to use it.

Some videos:

TS dude, I can’t thank you enough. Your info the other Gen tactics was a life saver, especially the the link to Whiff canelling.:china: nuff respect.

About the Gen combo you have to watch them and make sure they’re as high as possible- pause after the first hit and then two more quick hits, land and then do another waterfall kick. It’s easier to do a standing medim punch in between the two kicks, though I don’t know if that works vs everybody.

Just as an aside, DARK (Japanese Gen player- he’s in both of the vids I posted before) posts videos on YouTube now-


Thank you TS for introducing my page.

In my youtube page, There are some match video in A-CHO.
The Gen which is wite color is me.

Hello DARKsan.

Thank you for your effort with your YouTube page. It is appreciated.

Your play style for Gen is great. We always cheer for you to win. :slight_smile:

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Hi. This is great, thanks for your youtube page, your Gen is known to everybody.

Would be fantastic if you would post here from time to time on how it is in Japan, scene info or just anything ^^