A3 Dan

I want to learn him, never ever touched him so I have no idea… and I can’t find a good faq anywhere.

  • Uses for his normals? Which are his best ones?
  • How to aa? How to poke?
  • Bread 'n butter?
  • anything else?

I was thinking to start with A-Dan and then switch to V-Dan when I get a hold of him. Is the V-only pushblock thing effective?


ummm dont really have much time at the moment but the pushblock isnt overly effective - but it does come in useful for getting out of a corner, breaking off guard crush/chip damage VCs, or forcing someone into a corner for your very own dan VCs.

Not abusable, but very annoying for your opponent.

Standing and crouching strong punch, use and abuse, anti-air, anti poke.

Dan has some pretty easy VC’s.

I’ll take note about the strong. :slight_smile:

Which one (standing/crouching) is most effective as anti-air? Does it depend on the match-up/positioning?
In air-to-air battles which moves come handy? The Dankuukyaku is not bad but has a laggy startup, so if I not anticipate and execute it in time, what is the best option? Fierce? Is the airthrow worthy?

Best meterless wake-up option? the DP comes out fast but gets stuffed by lots of moves, having to rely on the flash version doesn’t seem reliable at all

about jump-ins: I noticed that j forward is a decent cross-up, what are the best option (besides supers and VCs) after landing it? HPxxKoryuken?

About easy VC’s: I easily figured the corner VC with repeated fireballs (and variations). Does he have easy and worthy midscreen VC’s too? And anti-air?

Finally, since I’ve never seen a good Dan player, I’m having hard time understanding how should he be played.
He doesn’t have the priority to substain a good rushdown/pressure game, doesn’t seem to have good turtle tools.
Zoning, poking game? I have lot’s of problems playing footsies with him, but perhaps I just need to figure his normals better.
Hit and run, maybe?
Since I play the most against shotos, how to deal against them?

Thanks again

i liek to use s.mk and to do jumping qcb+lk

After a bit of experimenting:

Standing MP works wonders for stuffing pokes and some special moves, crappy range but nice priority, almost like a little shield put in front of him.
I have yet to figure standing MK well, seems to have decent priority and range but sometimes it behaves weirdly.
I like low HP, it cancels into everything, seems the only way to combo the HK Dankuukyaku, and I just love low HP xx Super (either lv 2 and 3 Koryurekka or any level Hissho Buraiken).
The problem is: does low HP combo after any non-countre jump-in? I couldn’t do it, but I hope it was just my fault in timing… it would broaden its uses

Dan has a really good corner trap game. Use his jumping LK Dankyakuu to drop on your oppponents as the knee can hit after its launched until Dan lands on the ground.

It’s good to see other human beings getting onto the feeling with Dan. He may be a joke characters, but he still ROCKS. I am one of 3 people I have ever met who has the balls to use Dan and the only one that can actually manage success with him and I can tell you this, all you can do is experiment since you can’t watch experts in a epic Dan vs Dan matches.

It depends on a lot of variables in the opponent. S. fierce is also a very good anti air, it has huge priority and lags out there for a while (like Hondas but higher). Don’t do it too close though.

As we are talking about Dan, there really isn’t much of an option than blocking or eating a Ken roundhouse while attempting a failed Kouryuken.

There are almost none. One of my personal favorite moves is the air s. Dankyaku. But if you manage a close enough hit, you can lvl 3 ShinGadouken and connect for about 50- 65% or so damage, SWEET. Cross over into s. fierce the c. forward is one of my trademarks, but it’s not really a combo.

About easy VC’s: I easily figured the corner VC with repeated fireballs (and variations). Does he have easy and worthy midscreen VC’s too? And anti-air?


Unfortunately I don’t know any useful ones other than the one that you mentioned, and they have to be in the corner to start to boot. I stick with A ism for his Shinkurraiken for close range protection and shingadouken for comboability. I’ve tried a few comboes but none seem especially effective.

Actually, he does on his normals, it just takes a long time to learn the timing cause he has HUGE lag for all of his specials as well as recovery, no long ranged specials and low priority on anything other than a normal. Dan is a relatively good air turtle (even better in CvS2) but you can abuse his air Dankyaku like crazy. Before full jump height it can often come out way faster than most other attacks can be use to counter anti airs (Shoryuken for example) or a late post protective jump (i’ve used this to beat Sagat users in CvS2), and it has a lot of priority … a lot and can be be followed up by a j. fierce for a FAT meaty two hit air combo.

You have to zone with him since he is at his best at close range. He is NOT, however, a zoner since his lag and recovery are way too high and he lacks overall priority. S. forwards abound as well as c. forwards will get you good middle long range pokes with little risk of retaliation.

You can see my V-Dan in the upcoming ECC8 DVD. I played a 4/7 set against Cole and managed 2 wins with Dan.

P.S. If you don’t already know this, you can perform the white invincible shoryuken on the 32nd move after the beggining of the round and every 15th move after that. A move includes all attacks, specials and taunts.

white is actually on the 23rd move, not 32, at the beggining of the round then 15 after i thought.(?) i could be wrong, but its been a while since i used him and messed with that

CoolWater: thanks, very useful info. I feel that Dan is much underrated, indeed. He seems to have potential, if only he was picked by more players…

Temujin: I’d love to see your V-Dan, although getting the DVD here in Italy seems a bit problematic…

I already knew about the “invincible koryuken rule”, but do you think it’s really worth counting the moves to fully exploit that?

About match ups - the best players I usually play against use: V-Ryu, A/V- Akuma, V-Sodom, A-Ken, A-Blanka, A-Rolento.
Any hints for those specific match-ups? (other match ups interest me as well, of course - but mainly the ones mentioned)

In my opinion,you benefit quite a bit from it. It is an advantage as the Shiny Koryuken has TOTAL invinicbility. But I think that’s up to one’s self. If you like it, then play accordingly. But don’t focuse your entire strategy on this tiny advantage. And don’t try to get overwhelmed with counting all your attacks…

See this post for a video:

do you really think dan has good normals? the only one i can think of that’s notable is standing forward :confused:

s. LP is fast and great for ticking.
s. FP and s. MP have a lot of priority and s. FP has decent vertical coverage.
s. RH does a ton of damage and has good priority, but it’s a bit slow and misses crouchers.
s. FK has good horizontal range and priority.
c. LK is fast and long range.
c. LP and c. MP have a shit ton of priority. There’s a video of a Dan player using c. LP to beat A-Gief’s splash somewhere.
Jump RH has great horizontal coverage
Jump MP and LP are basically shoto normals.
If his jump FK crossed up more easily, it would great as well.

Most of his normals are just variations of shoto normals, and their’s are always solid so I don’t see why that’s surprising.

Dan feels pretty comfortable if you get used to him, but to say, that he has good normals maybe its overstatement.

If you compare his frames to the rest of cast, if you compare to Ryu…|en&u=http://sfzero3.web.fc2.com/frame-dan.htm|en&u=http://sfzero3.web.fc2.com/frame-ryu.htm

His crouching game is horrible in frames for example. Everything but c.jab is significantly slower. His c.MK 3 frames slower, even c.RH is worse by one frame. Hes playable of course, Makoto’s and other Japanese good Dan players is an eye opener, stuff like pushblocking Claw’s b,f+:p: and then countering it with koryuken, thats some inspirational stuff.

one place where he really gets hit (compared to shotos) is having no rapid fire jab/short, so it’s hard to hit confirm shit. (his crouching jab link is a bitch)

I agree with you on that one but even then it’s possible for Dan to win if you pay enough attention to your opponent. Dan is a good character and he’s got everything you need to compete against others. The only reason why people don’t use him is, what Kyokuji had already said, that he’s “Dan”, whatever that means…

Here are some A-Dan videos. The tournament allowed only A-and X-ISM characters, so don’t wonder why there weren’t any V-ISM players there:


There’s also a Part1 but this one doesn’t feature any Dan-footage.