A3 Adon VCs?

Sorry if this has been answered in the A3 Q & A thread, but I can’t sort through sixty-some-odd pages.

I’m looking for Adon VCs, preferrably (but not necessarily) with instructions on timing (where applicable) or vids.

There is one I tryed that worked well:
VC1: 623hk, 421lk, 421mk,[421hk]*n
The timing is as soon as possible(sort of)

i forgot where I read it, but adon’s main* VC is arcade only. it involves one of his fancy kicks. I know in the ps version the took away the recovery on it, which took away his ability to avoid neutral state, thus breaking the VC.

Reference: DP+k = Rising Jaguar, backwards DP+k = Jaguar Kick

I mess around with Adon and the ones I could figure out were:

VC2: Forward Rising Jaguar, [crouching Fierce
xx Forward Jaguar Kick]x2, and then Roundhouse Jaguar kicks to the corner…

Sucks because after you get close enough to the corne, if you’re 2p, the Jaguar Kicks might cross you up and put you in the corner, so you might wanna do a Roundhouse Rising Jaguar or something after the first or second one. Has to be done vs a standing opponent, or a jumper who’s close to the ground…if you hit them when they’re too high in the air, the crouching Fierce won’t connect. There’s a real midscreen out there that’s better than this one, but I was too lazy to look for it, so I just went into training mode and found this one. Does about 40% damage?

Other VC would be:
VC2: crouching Forward, pause, [crouching Fierce xx Short Jaguar Kick]x8, and then do whatever you want as the showdows are ending…Rising Jaguar, sweep, overhead, walk up and throw, etc. Only works in the corner, does like 50%, I think? Works OK as a guard crush VC if blocked.

You can actually do crouching Fierce (or Forward) xx Short Jaguar Kick as sort of a ghetto midscreen guard crush VC to push them into the corner. Thanks Adon a-cho vid guy!

Is there a way to download a-cho vids that are already replaced by other videos ? Like someones home database ?