A Warning For People Using SSD Hard Drives

So yeah, consumer SSD’s are more likely to retain data for about 2 years total before starting to have issues, whereas enterprise SSD’s have about 3 months.

Can’t state this more plainly: If you are going to go with an SSD hard drive in your pc, it’s a fantastic brilliant idea, but try to restrict the SSD for your OS and any startup programs. Keep any and ALL games, movies, pictures, songs, etc, on an alternate HDD (preferably traditional type).

I’d hate to go on vacation, and come back and your data is toast.

>SSD Hard Drive
>Solid State Drive Hard Drive

Duckie and Shaft Agent are going to fucking destroy you.

I thought most people just used them for the OS anyway, damn 2 years seems pretty shitty for keeping data.

so what you are saying is just raise the temp and nuke whatever is on the ssd, gotcha!

my buddies yell at me for that all the time lol

shaft and duckie can share a bag of dicks :stuck_out_tongue:

I know people who install games they play often on it. My buddy used to have Diablo III installed on it when the Auction House and Goblin Farming was around

Naa, I’d say you want your PC covered with a layer of dust, in a room without air conditioning.

Glad I read this. Time to move all of my articles and writing to a disc drive and the cloud!

Seagate knows a lot about data loss with their massive HDD failure rates :expressionless:

samsung too

oddly enough, mine is a Crucial SSD, and I have had no issues lol

Glad I’ve updated to a Crucial, too.

Traditional HDD? I suppose you’re talking about PATA drives, and not the new confangled SATA hard drives.

I have a 72mb PATA drive; it’s beast. 72 is bigger than 64, do the math.

Your username already has.

Dont get me started. I’m sitting on 3tb of loss data right now, and the shits only like 2 years old. Tried transferring some of it to a new drive, and it was taking 4 days just for like 20 gigs to transfer. Now it wont even get recognized to even try starting a 3 week data transfer session.

I’m pretty mad at myself for putting so much faith in it, but i have a 250gb seagate from 2007 that still works fine, a mybook 500 gig that has worked for about 7-8 years, and a couple others that have been through it all, and keep kicking. Then the new 3tb seagate randomly conks out after 2 fucking years.

I’m mostly mad at certain saved documents i had on there. The anime, movies, tv shows, random documentaries, howard stern episodes, and music can be replaced, although i hate to have to, and some of the music will be hard to find again. Its certain pictures and documents that make up a tiny tiny tiny portion of hard drive space that may be lost now, and i shouldve just backed onto a few dvds a long time ago.

Real talk. Next hard drives i buy, 1 is just going to be a dedicated backup drive that only gets plugged in when something needs to get transferred to it. ALSO, never doubt just good ole backing up your shit to a few dvds. So much of my annoyance and frustration right now would be nonexistent if i just used the blank dvds i had, and made backups of a few folders that rarely see updates to them content wise. Backing up to dvds seems so old and archaic now, but i wish i had 30 dvds of some of my most wanted items from that 3tb hard drive now, rather than just twiddling my thumbs, pissed off.

Lesson learned though. If i cannot ever get that shit back, oh well, it isnt necessary for my lively hood or anything, but god, its such a basic concept to fail on, that has such huge consequences when shit goes down.

I never got a TB drive due to chances of HD failures. I usually get a gig and get small SSD for the OS only.
People laugh at me… laugh…


Wow! I’ve always known SSDs were overrated when it came to their advantages over HDD. As well the SSD camp being so full of it, when they try to talk about how “fragile” HDD tech is, and how SSD is the “second coming”, etc.

But i wasn’t aware of this.

Anyway, i actually just bought my very first SSD. A 128GB sandisk. Its been 4 months now and so far its been great. Its not a huge improvement in performence over HDD by any stretch but, it has performed nicely thus far. Mainly i bought it because i recently upgraded to a fanless, passively-cooled computer, and wanted the SSD along with it. That means my comp has no moving parts whatsoever! Pretty sweet. Plus SSDs are supposed to put out less heat, so theres that.

I dunno what happened with Seagate. The drives I (still) use from them are solid as fuck. We’re talking about around 5-6 years and still kicking ass. I guess this was a new thing.

Intel has 5 year warranty SSDs… so if you are worried about data loss… use backups every few days and get a drive with the longest and most comprehensive warranty. Still sub 20s startups over two years after purchase.

HDD is fragile, but only because you can’t bump the pc. Lots of laptops got fucked cuz of this, back in the day. SSD’s are still better than HDD’s, the only difference being that SSD’s aren’t available in larger sizes right now, so you’re forced to not use them as backup.

Yeah, I built my PC to run as quiet as possible. I seriously have to double check occasionally, to see if it’s actually on.

Yeah got a crucial SSD and will proabably only keep OS on it anyways. Sucky on those SSD that they die much quicker.

The best backup setup:

SSD - OS (Whatever size you need. Nothing should be here but the operating system)

Raid 1 array - Data (Two medium to large sized redundant disks for storing data you create)

Media backup drive - Media Backup (Large sized disk where you backup your large files like movies, music, etc.)

External media drive/Network attached storage- Media (Store your media here for use on multiple devices like your TV, etc.)

Then, you want to make system images once a week or so, so that if your SSD fails you can you restore your OS. I don’t know any way of automating it other than using a tool like Clonezilla, but Windows allows you to make and save a snapshot of your OS. It’ll be up to you to ensure it’s properly backed up.

Of course, none of this saves you from having your home flooded, burned or robbed. So you need to be making online backups somewhere.

I’ve got a Western Digital MyBook for external storage for my Wii U. Is that effected by any of this?