A Tsunami of Crime- Jason Thomas Scott






100 years may not be enough.


Still waiting for those photos and video.

This guy’s full name consists of three first names.

he needs the electric chair.

So his neighbor knew what he was doing and ignored it?

Where he is going, he’ll be begging for this(as a bare minimum at least) but hopefully will not get:



Hide yo kids, hide yo wife?


so am i the only one that thought of million when reading/watching this?

Send him to Alcatraz

i have been saying for years that million is a serial killer/rapist in the making, if not already

i’m probably one of the few ppl on this forum that strongly dislikes him.

This coming from the number one fan of Max Hardcore?? :rofl:

I know what I’m fapping to tonight

I have always thought that if million was not an act, he would be a danger to someone, somewhere down the line.

This guy deserves to be off of the streets for good.

This guy gives tsunamis a bad name.

now that he’s been doing all of those damn push ups there’s really no hope in trying to stop million.

LOL, ya’ll need to lay off my boy Millitant. He is just waaaay to real and the shit that he says probably hits waaaay close to home for a lot of you homo thugs and closeted S&M accountant types to handle. But on the cool that nigga gonna murder somenone one of these days.

Man if feels good having your cock and balls resting on a cool black leather couch. Take THAT Hinduism!!!