A Tip of the hat to Adam Sessler

Some believed the intervention of G4 in Evo would be bad. Most on the other hand thought that the more exposure the better. I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Adam Sessler for not misrepresenting the fighting game community. Unlike most people outside the scene he was able to provide great commentary alongside Seth Killian. Although not as technical as some may like, it is only to be expected from someone who has to be well versed in all aspects of the gaming community. From his work on the politics of gaming to the grassroots community he shows his passion for games with everything he does.

So to you Adam Sessler(along with Seth Killian, and the LevelUp Crew) I say thank you on a job well done
And to the entire fighting game community thank you for having an open mind.

Ah shucks, you’re just too kind. :blush:

I wish The Sesmeister as the Germans call him, major props from the major props gods. RL TLK. You made one major mistake, but you were decent. Major props to G4 for putting EVO on tv too.

TechTV Forever!!! <3

And you know G4tv execs forced him to be there, so whatever performance he made is not on him. He just worked with the hand he was dealt.

I thought he did a good job. He was asking a lot of questions that people who are new to Street Fighter would be asking like, “What’s going on in this match?”, or “What sort of options does so-and-so have to get around this?”

And how come 2 =/= 2?

very true. Obviously G4 wasnt just going to hand over coverage without at least having a representative on cam. They could have done alot worse then Sessler. Not too bad

shudders at the thought of munn commentating

“That fat man with the funny hat needs to get on the Jenny Craig diet lolololololololol”

His commentation on the grand finals was a little annoying, but his queries while MvC3 was going on was okay.

From what was said from Sabre, Ink and others in #capcom Adam Sessler was a really nice guy and none of the G4 guys ever got in the way or argued about anything they were told. He also seem genuinely impressed with Evo and thanked some people. I thought he did fine for someone who admitted he never got really big into fighting games.

evo getting into the mainstream is a good thing in my opinion, and i hope more and more people try to get into the fighting game genre

I don’t think be brought anything to the table. Seth might as well have been doing it by himself.

Adam did make some mistakes, but I do give him credit for not trying to do too much. I would rather hear from more experienced people who know exactly what they’re talking about.

The last thing we need is another thread on this.