A-Terry Sucks

I can’t find any good CC’s w/ Terry. And thats the only reason for A-Groove right? Any Ideas?

You’re hella joking

activate, cr HK, [cr HP, HP burn knuckle] till corner, then HP rising tackle, land, buster super, HP rising tackle

or u can just activate: press HK a bunch of times, then sweep into burn knuckle to the corner. blablabla super bla

anti air: activate, d/f HP, HK crak shoot [cr HP, HP burn knuckle] blablabla

Arigato. That helps alot.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

I love A-terry simply because his CC ender gives him meter back. The rising tackle at the end gets you 2/5 of the way to a level 1, and puts you in perfect position for a meaty jab fireball, which leads to some easy guard-break/meter-building patters. With a lot of other characters once you finish the custom on say…a-sakura you have to run the hell away from her potential CC. A-terry can actually gain enough meter back that you don’t have to worry about not having enough meter to AC that shit once she activates.

TErry is the man in A-groove, damn it!

His CC’s are damn easy and damn damaging.


I Agree Terry is the shit it doesn’t matter what game hes in he is the MAN Although hes awsome in A-groove i prefer mine on C-groove Anybody Agree?:wink:

Same Here. I used him in my C-groove team. Ryu/Terry/Ken (Chun)…My Terry has even slaughtered the best Sagats…HE is literally the MAN…I agree.

i got a terry question

  • Is it just me or does Terry have a little bit of a downside when it comes to fighting Blanka?
 You are so right.  From my experience, I have a very hard time beating blanka (If I am in C-groove especially).  In A-=groove, I can handle any character.  It al depends on which groove you use TErry.  K-groove works well against Blanka, since you can actually punish that ball.  IN A,C,N There is no way you can punish that shit 100%.   You are right!

You kidding? Terry is the legend! :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I never knew people used the same A-Groove I use for terry. I mean ending it with a Rising Tackle even after you ended your A-Groove with the Buster Wolf. I guess it is predictable cause he doesn’t have much else but im still kinda suprised. I find his A-Groove to be sometimes the easiest to catch someone with.

Terry is the man. Terry kicks Sagat’s ass too.


P Terry PWNS all.:cool:

i dont know why but i enjoy playing blankas and vegas the most with my a-groove just like ryumexicano said a-Terry owns BIG TIME!!

But i have trouble with him when playing N-groove dont know why?:rolleyes:

N-groove is BY FAR Terry’s best groove!!!

Are you kidding? N-groove Terry is the best. He has run and Damaging combos like no other. Try these.:smiley:

-Blahblahblah Lv.1 Buster Wolf to a jab Burning knuckles, Rising tackle(if there in the corner) or preferabley lv.1 Power geyser

-Lv.3 Buster wolf to m.punch burning knuckles or H.k Crack shot or if you have another left you can do a lv.1 power geyser. this combo=BIG damage. like 7000 damage, and thats not including whatever links you may use to start this combo.

-Or if you have no meter you can do s.Fp to m.p Burning knuckles. does 3000 damage! Thats alot for a combo with no super envolved. And with run starting it aint a problem.

-Crouching M.k will also link most of his specials and supers together

-N-groove Terry is one of the few characters who can connect lv.1s to L.v1s and Lv.3s to lv.1s. they equal big damage and are SOOO easy.

Not only does he got some tightass combos on N-groove, but you can run too, which gives you a HUGE advantage over enemies who cant do shit while rising.

Terry is a pressure character just abuse his slow power wave and run up to your opponent with fierce. Its nice to throw a few light crack shots into the mix. Rising tackle if they wanna’ rush you back. Since hes a rushdown character you can throw alot too since they’re gonna be too busy blocking your shit. After a S.fierce they might try to retaliate so sweep. Its safe and good for for gaurd crush and it hits ALOT. Every now and then its ok to roll and attack or throw, but dont rely on it. And another thing, dont listen to anyone who says that Terry aint got no good anti airs. His down forward fierce is all you need when people jump in. crouching Light kicks are good because if they hit then connect that shit to a super. Terry has so much damage, even its just a lv.1 Buster wolf you can connect it to something I listed above for decent damage. Keep and mind that Terry can get someone dizzy in a matter of a few seconds and thats another chance to get one of his devestating combos off on some poor scrub.

Thats all I can remember for now I’ll post more later if you like my advice. In my book N-groove Terry is top tier and I dont care what ANYBODY says.:smiley: